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Erik has a Master's Degree in Chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley, so he is well prepared to write on technical topics. He has written for an LED lighting company and a recycling specialist. His superpower is taking complex information and distilling it into easy to understand language.
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Science, Technology, and Renewable Energy.




University of California, Berkeley

Erik studied physical chemistry and did research in photosynthesis and ultrafast laser spectroscopy.


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Erik wrote a blog post about cement recycling and the circular economy for a recycling company. This piece detailed how concrete can be ground up and incorporated into a batch of new concrete. This process saves energy and protects the environments where rock for concrete would otherwise be mined. It is also an example of the circular economy where resources cycle through use and re-use.

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2 Projects Completed

Erik wrote two blog posts on light emitting diodes (LEDs) for an LED lighting company. In these posts, he used his expertise in science to write authoritative content. The first was about advances in LEDs for high-temperature use. The second was a review of why LEDs are superior to incandescent and fluorescent bulbs in terms of energy efficiency.

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