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Brandy has been a full-time freelance writer since 2009. She has written thousands of articles on a wide array of topics, including beauty, fashion, pets, technology, fitness, and health-related fields. She is highly-experienced in SEO and has the ability to write in a multitude of styles to suit every client's specific needs. She has an excellent grasp on spelling and grammar and is always looking to exceed each client's expectations.


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Industry Projects

  • Fashion500+
  • Beauty100+
  • Health100+
  • Fitness100+
  • Pets100+
  • Garden100+
  • Nutrition100+
  • Electronics20+

Summary of Industry Experience


Brandy has much experience in the beauty and fashion industries. She is a Featured Writer for a major beauty news publisher and her articles have been featured on the first page many times. Brandy has written thousands of articles on a wide array of fashion topics, including current trends, vintage styles, top accessories, and popular types of jewelry - both manufactured and handcrafted.


Brandy has written hundreds of beauty articles for private clients, online magazines and other well-known outlets. These beauty articles and blog post topics include hairstyles, nail designs, makeup application, wedding makeup, extensions, wigs, hair color, and much more. She incorporates new trends to ensure that all articles are "of-the-moment" and engaging.


Brandy is highly experienced writing in the health and fitness industries. She has written hundreds of articles relating to health topics, including nutrition, pregnancy, both physical and emotional aspects of the human body, weight loss, and much more. She has attended technical school in a health-related program and has worked in health centers. Brandy is able to produce high-quality health articles that are factual and compelling.


Brandy has written hundreds of fitness, exercise, and nutrition articles for numerous clients, ranging from the best yoga poses to effective fat loss strategies for beginners. She also walks the talk, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and fitness regimen. Brandy stays up-to-date on the latest fitness trends and enjoys teaching others how to live healthy through her writing.


Brandy has a passion for all types of pets, and has owned everything from hamsters and fish to dogs and bearded dragons. Her expertise is not just limited to domestic pets, but also to exotic and unconventional pets. Most of her articles focus on how to properly care for these animals, including tips on nutrition, training, and all-around care for happy and healthy pets.


Brandy has written hundreds of gardening articles, ranging from the most dangerous plants to avoid, to ways to use up your leftover seeds. Many of her articles provide plant care instructions, in addition to backyard garden layout ideas.


Brandy has significant experience writing in the health and nutrition fields. She has written hundreds of articles for physicians, nutritionists, personal trainers, and other health professionals, and has gained considerable knowledge. Brandy puts this knowledge to good use by cooking fresh and healthy meals for her family.


Brandy has vast knowledge in the electronics industry. She has a BA degree in Computer Information Systems and have taken many classes on electronics and how they work. She has also written hundreds of articles in the technology field, including articles on the newest electronics - iPods, iPhones, and iPads.

Product Projects

  • Article1,000+
  • Blog Post500+

Summary of Product Experience


Brandy has written thousands of articles as a freelance writer in nearly every niche imaginable. She has experience writing general informational articles, how-to articles, best of articles, news articles, press releases, and custom-made articles. Each article written fulfills the client's instructions and is always grammatical correct, with easy-to-read sentences and professionalism for every audience. Brandy will write articles including SEO, first, second, or third person writing styles, or any other style that the client prefers.

Blog Post

Brandy has written hundreds of blog posts for private clients, organizations and online outlets. Blog posts generally require a less formal and more conversational tone. Brandy is able to write in any style to provide clients with blog posts that are interesting and engaging to bring readers back for more.

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