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Barbara F
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Barbara has always had a passion for excellent writing and has enjoyed this mode of communication ever since she can remember. Responsibilities have included: newsletter editor, writing informational letters on combined medical and regulatory issues, continuing education class descriptions, summaries of medical/regulatory collaborations and expert opinions, editing of medical practice guidelines and related informational documents, literature reviews. Original writing has included trade magazine articles, seminar brochures, and research abstracts.
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Working with subject matter experts to produce high-quality written documents. Literature reviews; medical evidence tables; editing for scholarly articles and guidelines; pharmaceuticals; Food and Drug Administration; clinical practice guidelines; workers' compensation; newsletter articles; regulatory analysis; seminar brochures.


All kinds of exercise including Pilates, yoga, hiking, snowshoeing, walking, water aerobics. Reading. Writing. Singing. Theatre. Cooking. Being with family.


University of Denver

Through her degree in Theatre, Barbara developed and polished her abilities to be creative, use humor to stimulate interest, and help others to nurture their own creativity. She taught theatre acting and directed in community theatre for several years. She also taught others who, although they were not aspiring to be actors on the stage, wanted to learn how to communicate more positively and persuasively in their daily lives.

Colorado State University

Barbara excelled in all areas of study in the art and science of occupational therapy. Coursework included anatomy, neuroanatomy, psychosocial disorders, musculoskeletal disorders, the disease process, kinesiology, and statistics. Her clinical affiliations included an internship at the National Institutes of Health in Washington DC

University of Colorado at Denver

Barbara pursued opportunities in regulatory analysis, regulatory writing, grant writing, memo writing, proposal writing, survey development, position descriptions, research, and management. She is able to help the reader understand, through clear and concise writing, the many intricacies of regulation, research, and medical policy.


55 Projects Completed

While working for the Medical Policy Unit and Medical Services Delivery Units with the State of Colorado, Barbara reviewed medical reports for compliance; wrote and edited complex health care and medical information; and advised on numerous types of medical/regulatory documents. She is adept at working with subject matter experts of various disciplines: including physicians, nurses, attorneys, and claims adjusters. Her expertise in medical writing includes medical terminology, disease processes and treatment, therapeutic interventions, summarizing research, literature reviews, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices.


15 Projects Completed

As Medical Treatment Guidelines Coordinator for the State of Colorado, Barbara edited medical treatment guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of work-related injuries. These include: traumatic brain inury; spinal disorders; chronic pain syndrome; cumulative trauma disorders; complex regional pain syndrome; shoulder injury; lower extremity disorders; and thoracic outlet syndrome. She comprehends the medical terminology and clinical processes as relayed by subject matter experts and asks intelligent questions when clarifications are needed. She then synthesizes information to create health-related documents that are clear, concise, and tailored to the intended audience. She is also trained in health literacy practices and strategies. She presented an abstract at a health literacy conference at the Institute of Health Care Advancement. It included an abstract, reference list, methodology, discussion, and conclusion.


5 Projects Completed

As Medical Treatment Guidelines Coordinator for Medical Practice Guidelines, Barbara wrote regulatory analyses for several medical conditions, including but not limited to: chronic pain, traumatic brain injury, cumulative trauma disorders, and other medical conditions.


3 Projects Completed

One of Barbara's numerous tasks while working with the State of Colorado was to write course descriptions for Worker's Compensation Accreditation Seminars. She knows how to write course descriptions that are accurate, interesting, and enticing.

Newsletter Content

1 Projects Completed

Barbara was a newsletter editor for the Occupational Therapy Association of Colorado for two years. She interviewed local industry leaders, therapists, and lawmakers for her "Spotlight" column. She also wrote about working with task forces at the State of Colorado.

White Paper

1 Projects Completed

Barbara participates in numerous volunteer opportunities to make contributions to her community as well as to her profession. She was primary editor to a white paper for an employer's risk management association and also authored original text. Her tasks as editor included collaboration with physicians, insurance professionals, marketers, wellness consultants, risk managers, and employers. She gained agreement regarding formatting, writing styles, grammar, and use of references. She organized the references and assured that articles were appropriately cited.

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