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Cassie has 3 years of content marketing experience and has learned organically rather than traditionally. With a BA in English and an MFA in Creative Writing, Cassie likes to master words and use them to craft compelling copy that urges readers to read more to stay on your website. Cassie enjoys staying up-to-date with content marketing best practices and trends, which are ever-evolving.

Cassie's areas of focus that she has experience writing in and enjoys to write about include technology, small business, relationships, entertainment, health and wellness, travel, and more.

Cassie writes for SEO best practices and brand reputation, ensuring that your company sounds authoritative and knowledgable.

Cassie pays attention to details like spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
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Cassie excels at writing in a conversational and humorous tone, but also is good at doing research to write informative articles for any audience.

She has been writing articles for audiences in the automotive, home services, and healthcare spaces for 2+ years, and specializes in writing for small businesses.

She also has written many articles for entertainment and educational purposes.


Cassie enjoys creative writing, traveling, hiking, working out, reading, and a great glass of wine.


Eastern Connecticut State University

Cassie received her BA in English from this liberal arts school in Willimantic, Connecticut. She received awards such as Deans List and was a part of the ODK Honor Society and English Club.

Southern Connecticut State University

Cassie received her MFA in creative writing, focusing on poetry. Cassie was also a part of Noctua, the literary journal on campus.


4 Projects Completed

Cassie writes in marketing to other marketing professionals and stays up-to-date on the latest marketing trends. This includes offline and online marketing, marketing attribution, SEO, keywords, and more.

Cassie has been a marketing professional for 2 years and is always keeping up with the latest and greatest in marketing, and loves to learn more and write about it, too.

Search Marketing

1 Projects Completed

Cassie is knowledgable, though not an expert, at SEO best practices and how to give practical tips and write about the subject for others to understand.


0 Projects Completed

Cassie's regularly contributes articles about relationships, love, sex, and dating. She talks about these topics in a fun, humorous and relatable way, yet can adapt the correct persona and voice as needed.

Depending on the specific topic, audience, and what type of post (educational, informational, funny, list, etc.), Cassie can write about anything in the topic of relationships.

Blog Post

22 Projects Completed

Cassie runs the blog at the company she works for and writes 90% of the articles and edits any guest blog posts as well. She helped with the strategy and inception of the blog, and now almost 2 years later, it brings in the majority of new users to the website.

Press Release

10 Projects Completed

She has written numerous press released in my last position as the content writer at a B2B company.

Facebook Post

0 Projects Completed

Cassie writes all social media posts for the company she works full time for and boosts the blog posts through social media posts.

Most social media posts have a goal to drive leads to the website and to learn more and read more with the company's content. Engagement is great, but needs to also be meaningful.

Email Copy

0 Projects Completed

Cassie writes the copy for all email marketing campaigns at her full-time job as the B2B company's copywriter.

Email copy is written for different purposes, whether it is to drive the lead to download a lead magnet, schedule a demo, or learn more and nurture.

Email copy should all have a specific purpose behind each email and which audience that is targeting.

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