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Meagan S
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A full-time content marketer, Meagan S. is a proven professional with a strong educational background and an unmatched command of powerful, smooth-running prose. She is a serious writer specializing in blog posts, researched articles, and that attract and convert your audience for an optimal outcome. Meagan stays current with best SEO expertise and keyword rankings, but most importantly realizes that the written word is made for people, not robots. Experience the personal touch that Meagan's writing brings with smooth-flowing and simply genuine prose that captures your vision perfectly.

Meagan specializes in social media blurbs that inform as well as entertain. She has written pillar pages and email marketing or drip campaigns for:

- Integrated pest management
- Homesteading and gardening
- Agriculture
- Landscaping
- Luxury travel and real estate
- Marketing strategy
- Custom greeting cards
- Outdoor recreation
- Small business curation

Meagan earned her Masters degree in Strategic Communications from Liberty University, and has worked as a content specialist and senior content developer for digital marketing agencies ever since. She has since opened her own consulting agency, and helps businesses grow their online presence and organic traffic flows.

Meagan has several bylines for digital and print publications alike. She written for multiple high-profile figures, including Russ Klein, President of the American Marketing Association. She has published several academic works, as well as poetry and fictional prose, through credible magazines. Meagan has ghostwritten hundreds of blog posts, white papers, case studies, and research articles for clients at WriterAccess and beyond.

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Meagan specializes in writing articles and blog posts about nature and the outdoors, custom greeting cards, cruises and luxury travel, luxury real estate, home improvement, arts and crafts, marketing and content generation, vacation travel guides, and pest control.


Meagan enjoys writing about storytelling and literature, poetry, history, nature and the outdoors, and helpful articles on increasing content marketing value. More than anything, Meagan likes to sit down and read a good book.


Liberty University

Meagan pursued a four-year Bachelor of Science in Transmedia Writing, a field that combines all elements of modern technology with the ever-increasing need for storytellers in an inbound marketing world. This includes study in screenwriting, journalism, social media writing, blogging, research articles, and more.

Liberty University

A degree focused around the many components of operating, managing, and measuring a powerful brand strategy in the 21st century. With an emphasis on hands-on experience, this highly competitive program requires a high attention to detail, a flexible writing voice, and experience in many aspects of the creative marketing field.


11 Projects Completed

These are very high-level and in-depth blog and research articles about Meagan's specific passions, including writing on literature, storytelling, and poetry with a memoir outlook. Meagan has been writing in this personal style for over a decade.


10 Projects Completed

Meagan has been writing blog posts and articles about marketing for several years. She was initially commissioned to write as conversationally as possible.


4 Projects Completed

Meagan writes for Travel and Real Estate companies around the United States. Discussing local attractions, dining and shopping opportunities, and specific housing information, Meagan provides companies with the copy they need to convert prospective customers into loyal fans.


3 Projects Completed

Meagan has been writing blog posts and research articles about gardening and outdoor life for both professional and personal use. She has a knack for conversational writing within otherwise research-heavy topics.

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97 Projects Completed

Meagan composes blog articles for a variety of companies with a variety of needs. She SEO optimizes and link networks all posts for a better ranking in search engine results, as well as proofreads for grammar, consistency, and voice.

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