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Cindy has been writing and editing professionally for over nine years in digital media, with recent experience in social media engagement, driving web traffic based on trends, and creating content to attract readership. She is proficient in WordPress, Movable Type, Microsoft Office, video conversion for the web, and still and graphic image capture.
Cindy also has experience writing and editing policies and procedures, as well as professional correspondence for civilian executives and high-level military personnel.


Entertainment news, reviews and opinion pieces, creative writing.


Reading, writing, art.


100 Projects Completed

Cindy wrote and self-edited weekly reviews of a television series for a mid-size digital entertainment site.


10 Projects Completed

Cindy has written about women's issues and in support of women's rights throughout her career. Both in reviews of fictional entertainment commentary and reviews and in opinion pieces on newsworthy occurrences, Cindy has written acknowledgments of steps forward and those who stand for and against particular issues.


2 Projects Completed

Cindy has written entertainment news and opinion pieces, reviews of television series and films, and commentaries on pop culture for over nine years.


3 Projects Completed

Cindy has conducted and written about interviews with professionals in the entertainment industry, including an award-winning television writer, and an Oscar-nominated composer.

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