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T. A. handles plenty of SEO writing jobs for companies like Reservation Counter, Hotels Cheap, Magic Yellow and Wise4Living. She also writes for Demand Studios and a private client specializing in online casinos and casino news. Most recently, she's been serving as editor for a few Best of the Web sites. Many of these jobs required her to sign contracts stating she would not post snippets of the articles elsewhere, so that makes providing samples difficult.

In the past, she has completed court transcript proofreading jobs in the past following Morson's Guide. She also reviews books as a side hobby for both her own blog and as part of Amazon's Vine program.

She's willing to tackle any job that needs doing providing she's not working for less than minimum wage. Her bottom line is that she simply loves writing and researching.

She works part-time for a food service business that does roadshows and cooking demonstrations. Her passion for foods and beer also finds its way into some of her work for sites like Recipe This.
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Blogs and narrative, particularly reviews or descriptions. She is happy researching and writing about new topics too. She's completed certification courses in Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing through Shaw Academy. She's currently taking a certification course for technical writing and should complete it in October 2016.

Starting in October 2016, she took a job outside the home doing food demos to passing customers. Her job entailed properly cooking the meats, grains, breads, and soups to meet food safety guidelines and serving them to customers. As they ate them, she had to use marketing skills to convince them to purchase the item.


Her personal interests depend on the season. Spring and summer are favorite months because she can get out into my garden. In the cooler months, she tends to read more, particular mysteries and women's fiction, and stock her freezer with homemade breads and rolls.

She loves to bake and won an award with Eagle Mills bread mixes back in 1995 winning a bread machine and month's supply of their products.

She and her husband are active homebrewers making both beer and wine.

Before becoming a stay-at-home mom, she worked for 4 years in the travel industry as a travel agent. She's traveled through much of the United States and Canada and has family in England and Portgual, so she's spent plenty of time there.



The courses she took in high school followed a business curriculum, and included: two years of accounting, two year of typing, a year of business management, a year of Gregg shorthand, a year of office skills, and half years of database and spreadsheet construction. During this time, she built a book tracking system using the Apple software for her school's library.

Career Track

One of her employers worked with Career Track and offered all the free seminars T. A. wanted to fit into her schedule. Seminars on marketing, communication skills, and forming business relationships were key focuses.

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T. A. started as a writer for Best of the Web writing reviews of senior living communities throughout the U.S. and Canada. This role expanded to editorial duties where she managed a staff of 10 writers. Her job duties include invoicing, editing articles, hiring/firing writings, and maintaining the blogs for both the BOTW Senior Living website and HotelsCheap.


129 Projects Completed

She was writer with Internet Brand's VetInfo and PuppyDogWeb before they shut down work to those channels. Her job duties included researching different topics related to pet care or pet health issues using the Merck Veterinary manual and then writing a clear, concise article for readers. Articles required some use of keywords, but most importantly they had to be written so that the average person would understand the medical terms.


49 Projects Completed

T. A. reviews books regularly. One of her passions is food-related mysteries or cookbooks. She reviews books exclusively for her blog. She's had 10 years of experience in this field, and does it for the love of reading. All of her reviews are done for no pay, whether she's working on an Amazon Vine project or her own work. She worked as a food demo person within Costco. She had to become certified in food safety to accept this position.


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With four years of experience as a travel agent, travel is her strong point. She wrote city/taxi guides for Seattle, Portland, and then a hotel guide for San Francisco Travel. Job duties included researching online or calling area companies to find taxi rates, the areas they served, and amenities and services provided by the company or hotel.


100 Projects Completed

T. A.'s written book reviews for Publisher's Weekly, Romantic Times, hundreds of authors and dozens of publishers since 1999. She's been a book reviewer for sites like Romance Reviews Today, Myshelf, and her own blog Roundtable Reviews dot net.

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T.A. has written hundreds of blog posts for numerous companies. She wrote travel blogs for Reservation Counter and Hotels Cheap. She wrote senior living blogs for Best of the Web. Surgeon's Advisor had her doing plastic surgery and dental blogs.

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