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Cat has been a writer for over eight years, and has been focusing over the last five years on both creative writing in her personal life and technical writing at a marketing agency. This has allowed her to gain experience in a number of industries including lifestyle, manufacturing, B2C small businesses, healthcare, finance, technology, marketing, and sales.

Cat also has a background in editing, again both in creative and technical applications, which helps improve the quality of her writing and her overall process for creating content.
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Cat specializes in blogging, having planned, outlined, written, and edited over 100 blogs over the last three years. With a wide variety of industry experience, Cat can write for any industry with the same approach she has to all writing—make writing approachable and clear while filled with useful information.


Cat's interests include writing, of course, as well as other artistic endeavors including painting and filming. Cat also enjoys exercising and can often be found in the gym or out on a walk with her puppy, Ari.


Kalamazoo College

Cat has earned a Bachelor's degree from Kalamazoo College, a prestigious academic school in Michigan. She primarily focused on pre-law, including writing practice briefs, and Latin language and history in which she also completed an undergraduate thesis.


151 Projects Completed

After working at a marketing agency Cat has created content including articles, blog posts, emails, social posts, eBooks, web copy, and more for marketing and digital marketing landscapes. Her writing primarily focuses on providing insights and tips to marketing more effectively and to help businesses enter the digital marketing world.


62 Projects Completed

Cat has written blogs, website copy, emails, eBooks, and social content for different healthcare businesses, including senior living, dementia care, medical technology, and medical supply.


30 Projects Completed

Cat has written blog posts, eBooks, email copy, website copy, and social posts for mid-sized companies in manufacturing industries. She excels at taking difficult concepts and translating them into accessible content for both industry insiders and end consumers.


26 Projects Completed

Cat written blog posts, articles, and eBooks about different lifestyle and healthy living topics including house and home, hobbies, personal finance, travel, and work-life balance. It is also one of her favorite industries to write for.


25 Projects Completed

Cat has written blogs, emails, website copy, and ebooks for IT software and IT management companies. She excels in taking difficult insider concepts and transcribing them into content more digestible to average audiences.


21 Projects Completed

Cat has written blog articles and eBooks for the construction industry that have promoted construction business processes and explained to consumers the benefits of the end product.


19 Projects Completed

Cat has written articles and eBook content that have focused on business growth and business organization tips.


17 Projects Completed

Cat has primarily written blogs and eBooks for SaaS companies, as well as email copy and press releases. She has also worked on managing webinars and creating surveys and promotional content for digital events.


12 Projects Completed

Cat has written many blogs and accompanying promotional social posts about gardening and exterior decor.


10 Projects Completed

Cat has written case studies, blog posts, social posts, and eBooks for the beauty industry with a focus on skincare and nail-care products.


6 Projects Completed

Cat has written website copy, emails, landing page copy, and blogs for financial institutions. She has also been involved in conceptualizing and executing marketing campaigns for financial institutions.


5 Projects Completed

Cat has written website copy and press releases for the auto industry, as well as image sourcing and researching auto shows for promotion across social media.


3 Projects Completed

Cat has written web copy and edited blogs, social posts, and press releases for a mid-sized airport in the Midwest. She has also assisted on photo and video shoots in the same airport.

Blog Post

335 Projects Completed

Over the past three years Cat has written over 100 blog posts and articles for a variety of industries including marketing, manufacturing, technology, lifestyle, and healthcare—among many others. Cat has also developed SEO and keyword research skills from working at a marketing agency that are in line with current best practices. Cat applies these skills to each blog she writes. Cat also has experience in creating blog content plans, blog orders, and sourcing and editing images for her blogs.


195 Projects Completed

Cat has written over 100 articles/blog posts at a digital marketing agency. Her industry experience includes marketing, business, manufacturing, technology, healthcare, lifestyle, and more. Working at a marketing agency also gave Cat an excellent background in SEO and keyword best practices, which she applies to all her writing.

Landing Page

141 Projects Completed

Cat has written landing page and thank you page copy for manufacturing, marketing, and lifestyle industries for product releases, campaigns, new content downloads, and webinars.

Email Copy

58 Projects Completed

Emails and email campaigns have been a large part of Cat's career. Email involves creating copy that is able to be digested in only a few lines and inspire people to take quick actions. As well as writing individual emails, Cat has a background in campaign strategy and email nurture planning.

Web Page

41 Projects Completed

Cat has written website copy for websites in the finance, manufacturing, technology, and healthcare spaces. Her experience includes creating the page layouts and architecture for new websites or website refreshes, creating the copy sections and design layouts for each page, writing copy, and building pages herself. Each website project also included a SEO and keyword research stage to ensure that the copy being created fit into best practices to gain traction on search engines.

Twitter Post

30 Projects Completed

Social posting requires testing and decisive copy that inspires readers to take quick action to further the buyer's journey. Cat has written social posts for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and TikTok.


20 Projects Completed

Writing an eBook requires having the skills to outline, research, and plan—as well as execute—long-form content. eBooks are some of the most entertaining forms of online content and since they are longer they can give even the most complicated of topics space to be understood. Cat has written successful eBooks and accompanying campaigns for a number of industries including healthcare, technology, marketing, lifestyle, and manufacturing.

Facebook Post

16 Projects Completed

Social posting requires testing and decisive copy that inspires readers to take quick action to further the buyer's journey. Cat has written social posts for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and TikTok.


15 Projects Completed

Cat has written copy for brochures and other sales materials for agencies and businesses in multiple industries. Cat also applies her SEO and keyword research skill set to each brochure she writes.


10 Projects Completed

Cat has experience in writing FAQs that are directed to both consumers and internal teams for a number on industries including finance, technology, and healthcare.

Banner Ad

10 Projects Completed

As part of a digital marketing team Cat developed banner ads and other ad copy as needed for website development, campaigns, and special promotions.


8 Projects Completed

Cat has written scripts for educational videos and comedy videos for manufacturing, marketing, and entertainment industries. Her script writing skills range from conceptualizing videos and creating creative briefs to writing to creating subtitles and post-production content creation.


5 Projects Completed

As business turned digital in the wake of COVID-19, Cat created webinar content including scripts and presentations for different industries trying to bring the event world into the digital world. While she has worked with many industries in creating webinar content, the primary focus was in marketing and sales enablement spaces.

Case Studies

5 Projects Completed

Case studies and other data-driven content depend on taking information from either a number of indirect sources or from direct conversations and turning them into clear and concise examples of success. Over her career Cat has written a number of case studies that helped businesses explain their purpose and their successes.


2 Projects Completed

Cat has written two books and edited several novels and poetry collections for colleagues.

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