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Jonathan has worked for several writing companies, including Copywriter Today, Compelling Content Solutions, and several blogs, such as the Whiskey Wash.

Jonathan has experience writing for a diverse number of subjects, including automotive, dentistry, Social Security, product reviews, and various other fields. Research is a natural part of his work as a copywriter.
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Jonathan specializes in writing blog posts and reviews, although he really likes writing about pop culture, food, and current events. He is skilled in doing research on any topic and turning in articles efficiently.


Jonathan loves movies. Ever since he was young, he has had a passion for cinema and is working toward becoming a professional screenwriter.

Food is another of Jonathan's passions, as he loves discovering and sampling dishes from around the world. Living in Portland, OR means that Jonathan has access to tons of food options to explore.


The Art Institute of Portland

Jonathan attended the Art Institute because of his passion for movies. He learned about animation, script writing, graphic design, and all things creative.


211 Projects Completed

Jonathan has written countless product reviews and buyer's guides for appliances of all kinds. These include refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, blenders, freezers, air pumps, and more. He is well-versed in learning about a particular product and writing about it as an expert authority.


132 Projects Completed

Jonathan has extensive experience writing about marketing and how to leverage various tactics to boost a company's bottom line. The types of marketing he is most well-versed in include:

Search Engine Optimization
Inbound Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Account-Based Marketing
B2B Marketing
Video Marketing

Jonathan is also a graphic designer and videographer, making him an even more capable marketing tactician.


123 Projects Completed

Jonathan has written about movies and entertainment for a couple of different clients. He has written film reviews, as well as blog posts about various aspects of film, such as high-tech armor in sci-fi movies.

Movies are of a particular passion for Jonathan, since he learned script writing in school, and has attended extracurricular classes to hone his craft. He's able to both enjoy movies as entertainment, as well as break them down for thorough analysis.

Real Estate

100 Projects Completed

Jonathan has written for several real estate blogs, providing content on multiple industry-specific subjects. Some of the topics he has written include:

How to Fix and Flip a Home
How to Use Direct Mail Marketing to Find Buyers
How to Find Motivated Sellers
How to Get Financing for Residential or Commercial Properties


91 Projects Completed

Jonathan has written many buyer's guides for outdoor products, including camping tents, mountain bikes, hunting knives, cycling jackets, and more.

He is also well-versed in writing about RVing and the RV lifestyle, has he has written countless articles about what it is like to travel in an RV.


64 Projects Completed

Jonathan has a passion for travel, and strives to do as much of it as possible. He has written multiple travel articles, usually centered around a particular theme or country. Some examples of articles he has written include:

Tacky Tourist Destinations in the US
Best Spots to Travel in Guatemala/Costa Rica/El Salvador
Top Restaurants in Philadelphia
Best Things to Do in Spain


61 Projects Completed

Jonathan has a passion for food and cooking, particularly when it comes to fine ingredients. He has written for multiple alcohol and whiskey blogs, and he is a connoisseur of these beverages.

Jonathan has also written articles about healthy living and how to use kitchen appliances to make better meals. These articles include product roundups for blenders, juicers, and cooking utensils.


59 Projects Completed

As an avid foodie, Jonathan loves writing about this topic, particularly when it involves taste-testing. He has written dozens of articles about different methods of food preparation, from comparing different blenders to the best way to eat healthy while enjoying fried dishes on occasion.

Jonathan is able to write about food from a personal perspective or as an objective observer. He's comfortable discussing food trends as well as how to prepare different dishes.


49 Projects Completed

Jonathan has written about 3D printing, CNC Machining, and the various metals used for manufacturing (i.e., cobalt tools). He has also written about financing within the manufacturing sector and how companies can leverage equipment loans for a quick cash infusion.

CBD Products

31 Projects Completed

Since CBD oil and products have become more mainstream, Jonathan has written multiple articles about the benefits of this product. Jonathan has done much research on the topic, so he understands how CBD oil is made, what it is used for, and how it can benefit average consumers. He has also written about marijuana and its legalization.


21 Projects Completed

Being in a committed relationship helps Jonathan understand the various complexities and intricacies of love. He's written many different articles on the art of relationships, from courtship to knowing how and when to say "I love you."

Relationships can be complicated and messy, but he's able to write about them from both personal experience and an objective personality.


20 Projects Completed

CBD/Cannabis is a growing field, and Jonathan has written multiple articles about the industry. He has written about specific CBD products, how they are made, and the fundamentals of cannabis growth and production.


15 Projects Completed

Jonathan is very comfortable writing comedy pieces, either for blogs or scripts. He loves to make people laugh, and he has a dry, witty sense of humor.


5 Projects Completed

Although Jonathan has not written many articles about the subject, he is well-versed in the gambling industry. He has insider experience having worked at a casino in Los Angeles for three years, as well as working for a casino party company in Portland, OR since 2017.

Blog Post

1,436 Projects Completed

Writing for blogs is the bulk of the writing that Jonathan does on a regular basis. He's written articles for a wide range of blogs, providing insight and high-quality content that is both engaging and crafted for SEO purposes. Although his primary topics are related to lifestyle industries, Jonathan can write about almost anything.

Product Description

432 Projects Completed

Reviewing products is a specialty for Jonathan, as he can write about almost anything. Whether it's vacuum cleaners, blenders, or power tools, he can research the product and write compelling copy from both a consumer's and a salesperson's point of view. Writing product descriptions is his bread and butter.

Web Page

283 Projects Completed

If you need high-quality content for a website, Jonathan has written copy for a variety of clients, from pest control companies to piano tuners. Jonathan is very comfortable writing web pages, whether your goal is to sell to the audience or provide insight into your brand.


21 Projects Completed

Jonathan loves writing scripts, particularly for creative projects. However, he has done videography for marketing purposes, so he is capable of writing scripts for corporate/advertising purposes as well.

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