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Jonathan H
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Portland, OR
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Jonathan has worked for several writing companies, including Copywriter Today, Compelling Content Solutions, and several blogs, such as the Whiskey Wash.

Jonathan has experience writing for a diverse number of subjects, including automotive, dentistry, Social Security, product reviews, and various other fields. Research is a natural part of his work as a copywriter.
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Jonathan specializes in writing blog posts and reviews, although he really likes writing about pop culture, food, and current events. He is skilled in doing research on any topic and turning in articles efficiently.


Movies and food are Jonathan's favorite passions


The Art Institute of Portland

Jonathan attended the Art Institute because of his passion for movies. He learned about animation, script writing, graphic design, and all things creative.


89 Projects Completed

Jonathan has written about movies and entertainment for a couple of different clients. He has written film reviews, as well as blog posts about various aspects of film, such as high-tech armor in sci-fi movies.

Movies are of a particular passion for Jonathan, since he learned script writing in school, and has attended extracurricular classes to hone his craft. He's able to both enjoy movies as entertainment, as well as break them down for thorough analysis.


33 Projects Completed

As an avid foodie, Jonathan loves writing about this topic, particularly when it involves taste-testing. He has written dozens of articles about different methods of food preparation, from comparing different blenders to the best way to eat healthy while enjoying fried dishes on occasion.

Jonathan is able to write about food from a personal perspective or as an objective observer. He's comfortable discussing food trends as well as how to prepare different dishes.


20 Projects Completed

Being in a committed relationship helps Jonathan understand the various complexities and intricacies of love. He's written many different articles on the art of relationships, from courtship to knowing how and when to say "I love you."

Relationships can be complicated and messy, but he's able to write about them from both personal experience and an objective personality.

Blog Post

641 Projects Completed

Writing for blogs is the bulk of the writing that Jonathan does on a regular basis. He's written articles for a wide range of blogs, providing insight and high-quality content that is both engaging and crafted for SEO purposes. Although his primary topics are related to lifestyle industries, Jonathan can write about almost anything.

Product Description

408 Projects Completed

Reviewing products is a specialty for Jonathan, as he can write about almost anything. Whether it's vacuum cleaners, blenders, or power tools, he can research the product and write compelling copy from both a consumer's and a salesperson's point of view. Writing product descriptions is his bread and butter.

Web Page

120 Projects Completed

If you need high-quality content for a website, Jonathan has written copy for a variety of clients, from pest control companies to piano tuners. Jonathan is very comfortable writing web pages, whether your goal is to sell to the audience or provide insight into your brand.

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