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Elisabeth is an experienced writer who has created content in the fields of entertainment, literature, education, travel and language.

Based on the strength of her work as a contributor, Elisabeth acquired a position as blog editor at a language learning company with a large online presence, and this was her main professional focus for four years. Through this experience, she picked up expertise in multiple facets of content marketing—including blog writing, online publishing and managing email campaigns.

A strong background in creative writing and literature informs Elisabeth's work. She is a published poet and book reviewer.

Elisabeth loves crafting content from typically dry subject matter, like grammar or history, in a way that grabs the attention of online readers.
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Elisabeth's specialties cover blog writing, email campaigns and newsletters, descriptive writing and reviews. She also writes educational articles for independent learners.


Elisabeth dabbles in French-English translation and is currently learning Korean. She blogs about books in translation and has a special fondness for crime fiction.


Beloit College

Elisabeth studied at Beloit College for two and a half years, where she focused on creative writing. She attended classes taught by established writers, including the Mackey Chair workshop with poet Bei Dao, a Nobel Prize nominee.

In the summer of 2000, she completed an internship with the CTA (Chicago Transit Authority), during which she contributed ideas and writing to advertising projects and campaigns.

(Above dates are approximate.)


23 Projects Completed

Elisabeth worked as a contributor and blog editor for an up-and-coming language learning site for four years. In this capacity, she developed an understanding of how to engage learners through writing, review educational materials and explain complex subjects in a conversational style. Through working one-on-one with students and teachers from all over the world, she gained valuable expertise in creating content on education-based topics for a general audience.

This experience additionally provided Elisabeth with the skills necessary to write and edit simplified English content intended for readers who are not native English speakers.


9 Projects Completed

In writing for a company that focuses on teaching languages through online videos, Elisabeth has explored the intersection between entertainment and education in her blog writing. She has often included mini-reviews of books and movies in her language-related posts.

On her own book blog, Elisabeth uses creative approaches to entertainment-related subjects to engage as wide of an audience as possible.


6 Projects Completed

Elisabeth has written descriptions of locations in the state of Wisconsin for a popular web-mapping service. She also participated in a months-long project creating content for a travel site focusing on campgrounds all over the U.S. Through these experiences, she has become adept at producing travel-oriented writing about cities, museums, state parks and other destinations.

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One of Elisabeth's main duties as a blog editor was to create weekly newsletters to promote recent posts. This involved presenting new content to newsletter subscribers in a friendly, accessible format as well as writing and testing multiple subject lines. She also wrote emails for sales and special announcements.

Elisabeth worked on more than a hundred weekly newsletter projects and other email projects over approximately two and a half years. The vast majority of projects included multiple email campaigns.

Blog Post

27 Projects Completed

Elisabeth maintains her own book blog. She has been hired for multiple freelance projects based on the strength of her writing on this blog.

Elisabeth has also spent substantial time working with bloggers as an editor. During this time, she has overseen the production and publication of hundreds of posts on multiple blogs. She has additionally monitored blog performance and done regular keyword research, which has been instructive for her own writing.

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