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Cory started with in December 2010 because he loves to write. Then he realized that writing can be a viable way to make money for him and, more importantly, his family. In college, he tested into the advanced English and writing courses on day one. Currently, he writes mainly for Interact Media as well as the occasional article for Examiner and Yahoo!.
Green Products


-Product reviews
-Anything running related
-Home Improvement (lumber, hardware, electrical)
-Cooking/ Homebrewing


Cory's been an avid runner for 35 years and has run everything from 5k-50k. Currently, he loves running 1/2 marathons. He's worked in the home improvement retail industry for about 16 years. Cory's first priority, however, is his wife and daughter.


Lakeland Community College

He started taking classes at Lakeland shortly after separating from the U.S.A.F. Fortunately, he went into the Air Force Reserve as a combat arms trainer where he found that maybe he really wasn't cut out for police work.

Ashford University

He is currently pursuing a Bachelors degree in Business Information Systems. He works with computer systems on a daily basis and would like to know how to navigate some of the issues that he sees regularly on the computers.


32 Projects Completed

Cory's been licensed in property & casualty insurance and life & health insurance. He was licensed in 17 states for property & casualty.


20 Projects Completed

Cory has been an avid runner for 28 years. He bicycles a lot as a way of cross training. He enjoys sports of all types.


15 Projects Completed

Cory wrote about auto repair basically from his own experience with vehicles. He maintains his car as well as the family vehicle himself and often helps friends and family with maintenance.


15 Projects Completed

Cory has a lot of experience in the hardware area both from his experiences at home and with his job everyday.

Green Products

2 Projects Completed

Cory wrote an article about CFL bulbs and about the environmental concerns of ACQ treated lumber.


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