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Through her Masters program Nina has had the opportunity to write consistently. She has been commended on her craft of language and how she captures specific moments. She has also been praised for her ability to edit peer’s work, because she takes the time to evaluate the piece as a whole and work down to minute grammatical errors. She has been told by professors that she makes good points and connections within the literature, and peers are excited for her to read their work because they know she will give good constructive feedback. She's also had the opportunity to present and defend her work to others, as well learn how to take edits or comments and create something better.
She has experience as both a prose and blog editor, blogger, and a contributing author. Nina's been published in Odyssey, The Crambo, Bullets into Bells, Brenau’s literary magazine The Elixir, and five different anthologies from Z Publishing’s emerging writers and poets series. A listing of her publications is available upon request.
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Nina's specialties are in movie/song reviews, discussing the process of writing, and anything that requires imagination and creativity.


Nina is interested in women's and social issues. She is always interested in movie/television, and would like to start writing book reviews. She loves anything to do with animals, weddings, dating, wine, coffee (basically your typical 20-something stuff).


University of North Georgia

Nina received her associates degree from North Georgia so that she could transfer her senior year to Brenau. While at North Georgia Nina was actually a nursing major and then a music education major before finally choosing theatre.

Brenau University

Nina earned her Bachelor's in Theatre from the historic Brenau University. She took many classes such as major playwrights, playwriting, script analysis, theatre and musical theatre history, and theatre for young audiences. She also took voice and diction, acting, ballet, principals of design, voice, and stage craft.

Stetson University

In this program Nina was able to learn and explore the craft of creative writing. She learned about pioneers in her field as well as techniques she could utilize. Nina worked on short stories, poetry, audio work, and video art for her projects. She was also able to edit the works of her peers and have discussions on original work and literature.


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Nina enjoys analyzing and reviewing all forms of art, specifically movies, television, and songs. In her personal blog she delves into the nuances of the different media, as well as the importance of story.


0 Projects Completed

Nina likes to focus on women's issues. This could cover sexual education, emotional abuse, safety, or even less serious things such as wedding planning.

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0 Projects Completed

As a blogger, Nina covers a variety of different topics from personal, to advice, and even some creative work.


0 Projects Completed

Nina is currently working on a collection of short stories for her MFA thesis project. She writes short stories, flash fiction, and poetry.

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