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Through her Masters program Nina has had the opportunity to write consistently. She has been commended on her craft of language and how she captures specific moments. She has also been praised for her ability to edit peer’s work, because she takes the time to evaluate the piece as a whole and work down to minute grammatical errors. She has been told by professors that she makes good points and connections within the literature, and peers are excited for her to read their work because they know she will give good constructive feedback. She's also had the opportunity to present and defend her work to others, as well learn how to take edits or comments and create something better.
She has experience as both a prose and blog editor, blogger, and a contributing author. Nina's been published in Odyssey, The Crambo, Bullets into Bells, Brenau’s literary magazine The Elixir, and five different anthologies from Z Publishing’s emerging writers and poets series. A listing of her publications is available upon request.
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