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Joy V
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Fountain Valley, CA
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Words have the power to change lives. Joy has dedicated her career to using words and creativity to inspire change in people; whatever that change may be. She never starts writing without first seeking to understand and intuit the felt need both of who she represents and of her audience. Once she understands the reader—what drives them, how they see the world, and what they think they need—then she is able to communicate ideas to them in such a way that motivates them to action. Whether you want to inspire deep internal choices for life change, sell a product or promote an event, Joy knows how to read the mind of your reader and speak what you want them to hear.
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Storytelling, short-form creative writing, blog posts, quips, poetry/spoken word, songwriting, vision-casting, distilling complex concepts into easy-to-understand language.


Parenting, spirituality, music, motherhood, health, pregnancy, food, psychology, culture, female friendships, being a working mother, Southern California.


Biola University

Graduated summa cum laude.


100 Projects Completed

Our inner lives drive us more than we realize. Joy has invested the majority of her career in helping people connect with their inner selves and motivate them towards health and love. Joy specializes in telling stories of real people who have done incredible things, crafting inspirational thoughts, blogs and devotionals, and finding a way to take even the most mundane moment and finding depth and beauty in it.


25 Projects Completed

Parenting darlings/monsters/future astronauts along with another imperfect person is an experience that provides endless material. As a writer in the kids/family genre and a wife and working mother of two children, Joy brings humorous insight to connect with both kids and parents. Joy has written on the topics of kids/families in blogs, video scripts, educational curriculum, marketing copy, songwriting and has a knack for helping kids and parents laugh while they learn.

Non Profit

11 Projects Completed

How do you get people to believe in something enough to invest in it? Non-profits can carry a heavy burden of social responsibility for a community, and require someone who can share the vision with others in order to continue their work. Understanding the vision that drives a non-profit, Joy employs a deft hand when writing copy for websites, brochures, storytelling, producing videos, and promoting events for non-profits.

Email Copy

50 Projects Completed

Joy maintained an over 40% open rate for the weekly emails she wrote in the course of 2 years. She knows how to write a quippy subject line and keep things short and skimmable.


20 Projects Completed

Words sound different than they look. Something that reads well on a screen may not sound right when read in voice-over. Joy understands the nuance required when writing for an auditory experience of words. Joy has written scripts to tell stories of real people doing incredible things, inspirational spoken word videos, branding and subtle storytelling, as well as dramatic scripts for children. Script-writing is one of her favorite kinds of writing!

Annual Report

3 Projects Completed

Joy has completed three annual reports, all designed to celebrate the year's achievements in order to inspire continued support and investment.

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