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As an executive and legal assistant for over 20 years, Diana drafted, composed and finalized a wide variety of internal and external company documents. Upon leaving the corporate world, she began a blog that brought her praise, recognition, and requests from authors and publishing industry professionals as well as politicians.

A featured writer at a major online community website for several years, Diana has also written book reviews for agents, websites, Random House, the online reincarnation of the Rocky Mountain News called InDenver Times, and many others. She is available to write articles including those in the health, science, and environmental fields; instructional or review articles; blog entries, news items and press releases; historical summaries; and research-based or creative pieces.

Diana has covered breaking news and presidential debates on-site, and written in-depth pieces on developing stories such as the tragedy at the Upshur County Coal Mine in 2006. She enjoys writing informative pieces as well as those with a more conversational tone. Diana loves to write and works well to specification, on assignment, or when given little direction.


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Diana specializes in health, science, medical, and environmental writing. She has received the highest ratings for writing blog entries and articles that require historical as well as cutting-edge research. With a career background based in the legal industry, she has a penchant for detail and accuracy, and is able to write professionally. Additionally, she has taken creative writing classes, hosted live chats, blogs and maintained an online personality.

Diana is excellent at conducting research, writing reviews, nonfiction, background pieces, news articles, press releases, travel pieces and more.


Diana is passionate about health and science, current affairs, literature and news. She is also interested in writing about business and politics, blog postings, descriptive pieces and taking on longer assignments that require research. Diana has always loved to read and write, and also enjoys traveling, studying neuroscience, pets, and attending cultural events. She is eager to take on assignments that require research and focus, such as a recent piece for a management consulting firm regarding right-brain and left-brain influences in business.


North Park College

Diana took a general course of study with emphasis in education and religion.

The Loft Literary Center

Diana completed a variety of courses on profiling, news and blog writing, creative writing, and social justice at The Loft.

Fifth House Lodge Writing Classes


537 Projects Completed

Diana has completed various medical transcription projects for a major university health department with only a short amount of training. She also has a natural ability, aided by passionate interest, to learn and process medical information quickly. The medical and health issues of family members and friends drives her to constantly be looking for new information from reputable sources.


349 Projects Completed

There is increasing demand for paid writing within the health industry and Diana is well-versed in medical terminology. She has done research for a variety of different health concerns and practices. She has written about neuroscience and various aspects of the brain, and is able to tailor pieces to be either general or specific in nature. She has written for pet-related websites, chiropractic blogs, veterinarian web pages and blogs, and the like. She has written on both Eastern and Western medical practices, as well as alternative health and wellness practices. She reads extensively on neuroscience and is particularly, albeit not exclusively, interested in this area of medicine and research.


251 Projects Completed

Diana has covered elections and political news for many years as a paid correspondent and blogger. She has covered live presidential debates and election night news for both national and local websites. Additionally, she authored a political blog for several years and is often asked to contribute to others. Diana stays informed on political issues and news, both locally and nationally.

Real Estate

167 Projects Completed

As a former real estate agent herself, Diana is quite knowledgeable in this area. She has written her own marketing copy, listings, neighborhood write-ups, and communications to past, present and future clients, brokers, and other agents. She is familiar with what it takes to research all aspects of the real estate business and brings an authoritative but congenial writing style to real estate pieces.


158 Projects Completed

Diana has written many project descriptions in addition to working on company brochures and press releases. She has written brief histories of businesses that simultaneously promote the business and attract customers. She has also written pieces on leadership qualities and habits that enhance productivity and promote positive working environments.


148 Projects Completed

Diana has been writing about books, authors and the publishing industry for over ten years. Not only has her work has been requested by major organizations and publishers, but she maintains a blog that has followed both popular and obscure publishing news. She also writes book reviews for which she has received much praise. Diana writes about reading and writing with a passion that has been with her for a lifetime.


126 Projects Completed

Diana has written numerous informative pieces about pets for veterinary clinics. Many of these pieces are blog entries about general pet care as well as about specific pet problems. She also writes concise pieces about the services provided by individual veterinarians or animal clinics. Diana takes care to present clients in a positive, welcoming light that garners interest in their services.

Green Living

101 Projects Completed

With a personal passion for green living, Diana has written numerous articles and blog entries about how to leave a small carbon footprint. She has written landing pages for companies who want to highlight their efforts to go green and has written many informative pieces for consumers wishing to do the same. Not only are there an increasing number of new ideas for consumers who practice green living, but there is always news about research in the alternative energy field. Diana enjoys sharing ideas and news about green living that may help create a better environment.


53 Projects Completed

Diana has written many short and long pieces pertaining to the entertainment industry. Many of these are ghost-written pieces that were paid for but did not grant a byline including reviews of movies, music and books. Diana has also written many review pieces for websites and artists for compensation that did grant a byline. She has also written about celebrities and interviewed authors.

Blog Post

1,674 Projects Completed

Diana has received numerous compliments on her own blog and was recruited by the recently-defunct inDenverTimes solely on the strength of her writing there. In 2011 she began writing through third-party sites and has received consistently high ratings. She has written many informative blog posts on health, the environment and green living, veterinary practices and advice, as well as question-and-answer type blogs that are easy to read and digest.


1,510 Projects Completed

Diana has written hundreds of articles over the past several years on many subjects, including health and medicine, consumer goods, green living, green energy, conservation, literature, music, and art. Her attention to detail is noticeable and her style is flexible. Diana is proficient at writing sales pitches, reviews, and blog posts, but she is also an excellent researcher and takes the time to get the facts - and get them right. Diana is able to produce short pieces, lengthy articles and can also edit the work of other writers in a timely manner.

Web Page

532 Projects Completed

Diana has written scores of web pages describing a variety of practices including chiropractic, veterinarian, legal, medical, and others. She has written pages to specifically highlighting issues or aspects of the practice, as well as general landing pages.

Press Release

51 Projects Completed

Diana can write a fast but thorough press release regarding new products, company news and breaking legislation.


50 Projects Completed

Diana has edited four published books and would love to do more. She has also written book reviews for several publishers, book blogs including her own and the online reincarnation of the The Rocky Mountain Times. She has a blurb in a bestselling nonfiction book by Krista Tippett and earned a following that includes many well-known authors.

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