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Kristina recently served as a proposal writer for Kiewit Bridge & Marine, a construction company. She gained experience authoring compliant, high-quality proposal content. Kristina translated technical information into accessible language to produce content that supported estimates and clearly conveyed construction means and methods. She also conducted independent research and interviewed subject matter experts to fully understand the proposed design and construction approach. Through this work, Kristina sharpened her writing style and voice, honed her editorial skills, and became familiar with a variety of word processing softwares and proprietary databases.


Construction; engineering


Environmentalism; technology


University of Puget Sound

Throughout her four years at the University of Puget Sound, Kristina honed her problem-solving and investigative skills through the pursuit of both physics and environmental policy and decision making degrees. As a physics major, Kristina tackled complex mathematical problems that required both a methodical approach and clever thinking to complete successfully; simultaneously, her environmental policy coursework required that she read and research United States environmental policy and write and discuss its implications. Her education instilled in her strong attention to detail and an efficient approach to work, as well as a love for research, the pursuit of knowledge, and the communication of novel ideas to diverse audiences.


3 Projects Completed

Kristina served as the primary writer on the proposal team. In addition to her more technical assignments, she was also tasked with creating and refining employee resumes and biographies to demonstrate qualifications to clients. For each resume, she interviewed subject; conducted research to fact check project scope details; and produced custom content for project and role descriptions, as well as employee summary statement. She consistently produced factually accurate and content-rich material under extremely tight deadlines.


3 Projects Completed

Kristina served a proposal writer with a particular emphasis on environmentally-focused content. She developed content based on technical brainstorms, subject matter expert interviews, and multiple rounds of reviews. She collaborated with the graphics team to produce original graphics in support of her narratives.

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