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Thomas has been working as a freelance writer mostly part-time since September 2010. He has written hundreds of articles for sites and clients such as Constant Content, Helium, Break Studios, Mediapiston, SR Education Group, and God of Lamb.

Thomas prides himself on his ability to research and write about practically any topic, but he had the most success writing about health and medicine, literature, film, sales and marketing, and gaming. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of Minnesota.


Most of Thomas's work has been blog posts and informative articles on topics such as health, medicine, law, literature, and film. He have also written advertisements, product reviews, and editorial articles.


Thomas's main interests are music, literature, and film. He plays the viola semi-professionally both in his own string quartet and in the Bloomington Symphony Orchestra in Bloomington, MN.


University of Minnesota

After earning an Associate of Arts degree from North Hennepin Community College, Thomas transferred to the University of Minnesota to complete his Bachelor of Arts degree in English. He graduated in December of 2005.


102 Projects Completed

Thomas has had experience working in the medical field, and he finds researching and writing articles on medical topics to be very easy. Most of these articles have been about medication side effects, surgical procedures, and symptoms of disorders such as appendicitis and diabetes.


50 Projects Completed

Thomas has written articles for other content providers on video games and gambling, both how-to articles and reviews.


25 Projects Completed

Thomas has ghost-written short reviews of online flash games as well as articles about playing card games such as Texas Hold'em and Blackjack. He has also written strategy guides and articles on cheat codes for Wii Sports Resort and Lego Star Wars for the Wii for Break Studios.


4 Projects Completed

Thomas has several years of experience as a semi-professional classical musician. He plays the viola for the Bloomington Symphony Orchestra in Bloomington, MN and for his own string quartet.


682 Projects Completed

Thomas has written articles on several subjects including health, medicine, current events, video games, gambling, and short celebrity biographies.

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