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He is a professional writer based in Houston, Texas. He began his professional writing career in October 2018 when he was hired to write press releases. Then he wrote some articles on the CBD business for a client. He has also written articles on travel, his struggles with OCD and depression, tips on buying a home, the decline of customer service, and consumer letters. He has published an article on customer service. He has written for industries such as telecommunications, health, and home services. His degree is a B.A. in Social Science. He looks forward to hearing from you.
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Press releases, B2B articles, mental health, consumer affairs, and investigative reporting.


Writing, Computers, Walking, Movies, Cooking, Good cigars, Great beers and ales.


Washington State University

Studied history, Spanish, sexual classifications, aspects of different cultures, and more. Completed college education which began with the University of Houston in 1977. All courses were through their distance degree program.


56 Projects Completed

He studied Finance at the University of Houston and has experience in the banking, mortgage, investment, and recruiting industries. He has started several businesses and written business plans and marketing scripts. He has also written business articles on such topics as the opportunities in the CBD business and the decline of customer service.


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He wrote a detailed and enlightening account of his life-long struggles with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Depression. His experiences with the bad thoughts and anxiety of OCD and the lows of Depression have given him unique insight into the challenges faced by those suffering from mental health issues. He has attended support groups, been in therapy, and encountered fellow sufferers of Anxiety, Bipolar, OCD, and other illnesses along the way. He has read books and researched OCD and other related topics. He has plans to write about his recent remission from OCD.

Press Release

55 Projects Completed

He has written press releases for large and small companies. Some of the industries he has done releases for include Telecommunications, Travel Services, Home Services, Health and Wellness, Education, Healthcare, Marketing, and Real Estate. His knowledge of keyword placement, composition, and business promotion enables him to create the ideal press release for your company.


13 Projects Completed

He has written travel articles on Peru and India. He has done how-to articles on buying a home and the value of comprehensive auto insurance. He wrote about his personal struggles with OCD and depression. He has also created pieces on the CBD business and industry. His excellent research and writing skills enable him to cover different topics with ease.

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