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He is currently writing web content and has had hundreds of articles published online by a variety of websites. In the past he wrote for magazines and newspapers, including Grit, Private Label, the Gospel Courier, and Christian Bookseller. He was a newspaper correspondent for for the Fostoria Review Times for almost three years and daily gathered news from the local courts and law enforcement agencies. This writer also covered county board meetings, such as local school boards, a mental health board, a board of elections, and county commissioners. He covered many politicians' speeches and meetings.


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Industry Projects

  • Sports20+
  • Politics20+
  • Real Estate10+
  • Education8
  • Finance6

Summary of Industry Experience


Has written a number of articles about football, baseball, and basketball. Articles have been on a wide range of topics, including who the best quarterbacks are to never win a Super Bowl, the humanitarian works of athletes and coaches, and the Christian testimonies of a number of athletes and coaches.


He has written a number of op-ed pieces and others on Obamacare and many other topics. The article showed how the Affordable Health Care Act has actually hurt many of those it was supposed to help and listed an alternative that might work better.

Real Estate

He has written a number of articles for publication on various subjects, including: what a rent to buy agreement should include; how to counter a low-ball offer on a house; ten signs of bad renters and how to avoid them; and others.


He has written a number of education articles about college and other topics. Some of them have included: information for adults returning to college; coping with learning disabilities; college funding for summer interns; colleges that offer meteorology as a major; what is the best Vanguard Fund for college savings; and others


He has written a number of financially-based articles, including: when a taxpayer should make an offer in compromise to the IRS; benefits of a capital gains tax; states with the lowest cost of living; what are the best ways to track a business budget; and others.

Product Projects

  • Article500+

Summary of Product Experience


He is currently writing web content and has had hundreds of articles published online by a variety of websites. The writer has written on many topics, including profiles of sports stars, technical articles about the Internet and computers, real estate articles, finance articles and opinion pieces. He was a featured contributor in the travel area for a major website, until that program ended.

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