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Amy is a health expert, freelance writer and English graduate. She thrives on uncovering the truth about the life-saving benefits of health and medicine. Amy is currently obtaining certification with the American Medical Writers Association. As the editor for her college newspaper, Amy developed a deep passion for health education, and now she channels that energy into consumer health content provision. By delivering clear, concise educational materials, Amy enables consumer understanding of complicated medical jargon. Amy began writing in 1988 and puts her heart into her work. She works to provide well-written, quality writing for her clients that is created to the best of her ability.

Work Experience
Editor and Chief (September 2005-2008)
Off The Vine; Scranton Pennsylvania
Editor and chief of the student newspaper, Off The Vine.

Medical Journalist (2008-Present)

Demand Studios; Online
Freelance writer for Demand Studios.

Writer (January2008-Present)
Personal Clients
Writer for several private clients.

Bachelor (September2005-2008)
Amy is working towards her degree in Liberal Studies with a focus in English.
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Amy has experience writing under several different topics. Her main focus is within health journalism, and she strives to keep up with the latest medical news, and hot topics that people want to know more about. Amy is also experienced in WordPress and blog writing.


Amy enjoys her writing more than anything, but she also enjoys; traveling, reading books, camping and fishing. She also enjoys learning new information through her reading and online research.


Marywood University

Amy is working towards her masters degree in Liberal Studies with a strong focus in English.


4,003 Projects Completed

Amy has written several pieces in the health industry. These include information on the different types of diseases, how they are diagnosed and treatment options that are available. She also writes on mental health regarding the different types of mental health disorders that people may have and how doctors diagnose then treat these disorders. She has gained her certification from the American Medical Writers Association, and works to provide information on both health and alternative health topics to the general public.


309 Projects Completed

Amy has written on this topic for both professional writing companies and personal clients. She is very knowledgeable in the subject and can provide excellent quality writing that is easy to read and to the point. She strives to uncover the latest information regarding health news, and provide information in a manner that is easy to understand for those who are not involved in the medical field, but are looking to learn more about their health.


303 Projects Completed

Amy not only writes many blogs and articles on pets, she is a huge pet lover as well. She owns several animals and works within a local pet shop, giving her personal experience in the industry as well. She uses the knowledge she has gained personally to create fun and informative articles on pets.


302 Projects Completed

Amy has written several pieces on fitness. These pieces generally focus on dieting, healthy recipes, personal fitness and training. She has written web page content, blogs, how to guides and promotional content related to the fitness industry.


300 Projects Completed

Nutrition is a big part of Amy's personal life and has qualified her to write many informative articles in the industry. She writes articles and blogs with focuses on helping people develop good nutrition and the best foods to eat in order to gain proper nutrition. She also writes on the different vitamins and supplements that can be used to improve nutrition.


300 Projects Completed

Amy has written many pieces in the industry on relationships. These include both blogs, articles and self-help tips. The topics include; tips for finding romance, can long distance relationships work, getting over a break-up and everything in between. She has also written many pieces covering the relationship a child has with their parent and how to keep that relationship at its best.


300 Projects Completed

Amy has written many articles and blogs pertaining to women. These topics range from self-defense for women, parenting tips, beauty and fashion. She mostly focuses on parenting tips, from newborn to the teen years and beauty tips that women can use such as, natural ways to get rid of wrinkles.


218 Projects Completed

Amy has written several pieces in this industry. These pieces include tips when comparing insurance quotes, the different types of insurance, why you need insurance and many more sub-topics. She writes up-to-date, informational articles aimed at providing her readers with useful tips regarding insurance.


203 Projects Completed

Amy has written several travel articles and blogs with different types of informative information. This content focuses on the best places to travel, hotels to stay at, planning for a trip, saving during your travels and much more. She uses her personal experience and research she has done in order to create up-to-date informative travel content.


202 Projects Completed

Amy has written several pieces in the industry on education. This is one of her favorite topics to write about and the content written varies from obtaining a college degree, education requirements for particular career choice and study tips for the younger generation. She has also written about the different universities throughout the world and the different types of degrees they offer.


201 Projects Completed

Amy enjoys writing on outdoor and recreation activities. She has a large amount of personal experience and uses this experience to write articles on camping, kayaking, canoeing, sports and many other topics. She enjoys providing her readers with informational articles on choosing the right equipment for different activities and fun places to do them.


100 Projects Completed

Amy has written several articles in the gardening industry. The topics covered in this industry include; flower growing tips, creating compost bins, using herbs for cooking and everything in between. She has personal experience as a advent gardener for over 10 years and uses the knowledge she has gained to create informative articles.


929 Projects Completed

Amy has written several hundred general articles in a variety of different topics. These articles range from health care to lifestyle and everything in between. She creates high-quality, well-written articles in a variety of different formats. Her favorite topics to write on are product descriptions, educational, healthcare and business related writing.

Web Page

501 Projects Completed

Amy has written the content for many web pages. She works with businesses in order to create a main page full of intriguing information, which helps the business to bring in customers and generate more business. She also creates the product descriptions for different businesses for their web page. These product descriptions help the company to explain exactly what their product offers and why customers should choose to use their product.

Blog Post

77 Projects Completed

Amy has written both private blogs and blogs from different companies on a wide-variety of topics. She enjoys blogging about different subjects especially those related to entertainment, technology, social media and gardening. She focuses her private blogs towards interior redesign and anti-bullying.

Press Release

50 Projects Completed

Amy has written many different press releases for both private clients and customers through companies she works for. She has also written many press releases for her local student newspaper, 'Off The Vine'. She has written several press releases in the form of news related, webpage promotion and product descriptions.

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