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Spent three years working for digital marketing agencies on the West Coast, focusing on social media, paid advertising, and copywriting. Spent the last two years in freelance roles working with clients to increase their brand awareness through blogs, white papers, social media advertising, and event planning.
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SEO, copywriting, public relations, social media advertising


Sports, technology, gaming, consumer electronics


Columbia College Chicago

He graduated with honors and eight semesters on the Dean's List. Majored in communications with a focus on digital marketing and copywriting.


200 Projects Completed

Across multiple websites and blogs, he wrote breaking news, feature articles, and handled copywriting efforts with a focus on professional sports including the NBA, NHL, and NFL.

He handled multiple -- 10 to 20 -- assignments per week, adhering to strict deadlines.


35 Projects Completed

He spent over a year working for a digital agency that represented nine healthcare brands. In that time, he handled social media, paid advertising, and copywriting efforts.

In other freelance roles, he generated blogs, white papers, and email campaigns for health technology companies and non-profits.

Press Release

20 Projects Completed

For a non-profit animal rescue, he acted as the marketing communications director, handling everything from public relations to social media efforts, including press releases.

Through his press releases, he generated buzz for the organization throughout Southern California and helped triple the rescue's adoption numbers for calendar year 2016.

Email Copy

15 Projects Completed

He created email campaigns through MailChimp and ExactTarget's marketing platforms. He wrote emails for the purposes of organizing events and generating brand awareness for products and seminars.

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