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Loren is a clinical mental health counselor whose profession requires that she be skilled at communicating often complex ideas succinctly and in ways that are tailored to her audience. She is able to communicate diagnostic information and case formulations to clients, to other professionals, to institutions, and to the public as needed. These skills are easily translatable to other, non-clinical forms of writing. Where appropriate, she also knows how to sprinkle in just the right amount of pith.

Throughout her academic career, supervisors and faculty members encouraged Loren to collaborate with them as a co-writer and editor of their academic work. Loren is eager to apply the skills that made this possible to other forms of writing. Combined with her understanding of psychology and human relationships, her experience makes her an ideal candidate for your next writing venture.

Like may others, Loren studied literature during undergraduate school--unlike many others, she studied literature in her second language. This experience has helped expand her creativity and flexibility in writing in both languages. She also completed coursework in translation and has aided in an initiative by the university to translate World War II-era documents from French to English.

As you may have gleaned from the fact that Loren survived graduate school, she is prompt, reliable, and operates well under pressure. Reach out to see how she can be of help to you.
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French to English translation, academic writing, blog writing, creative writing, copy editing, copywriting, research articles


culture, education, mental health, French language, theology, psychology, social theory, women's issues, LGBTQ+ community, acculturation, wellness, holistic wellness, academia


University of Missouri - St. Louis

Loren is preparing to graduate at the top of her class. She has completed coursework in women's empowerment, sexuality and gender minorities, social class issues, multiculturalism, and psychological theory. During her program, she was assessed for academic achievement primarily through writing. She completed a 140 hour clinical practicum and an 840 hour clinical internship, which included writing diagnostic reports, case reports, and professional communications.


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Loren's clinical mental health training has emphasized the importance of relationships to wellness and mental health. She has a deep academic as well as experiential knowledge of the importance of relationships, and has honed her own relationship skills, as relationship is the main mechanism of change in therapy. She has studied how to foster healthy relationships and is eager to share her knowledge.


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Focused professionally on the importance of spirituality to holistic well-being and mental health. Chronicled her own journey of spiritual and religious belonging in a personal blog that addresses the application of theology and spirituality to her own life as a young woman in America. Currently editing an academic article for a journal of feminist theology.


1 Projects Completed

Loren completed coursework on women's issues and women's empowerment, especially as these topics relate to mental health and social advocacy. She has multiple pieces ranging from the personal to the academic that focused on women's unique experience, and the intersection of gender with other identities. She is currently working as a copy editor for an academic article to be published in a journal of feminist theology.

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Loren is chronicling her personal journey of spiritual and religious belonging on her own blog. She uses her unique vantage point as a 20-something, female convert to Catholicism to explore the importance of belonging to a spiritual home while remaining true to one's own experience in the world and personal identity. She tackles theological concepts often felt to be too heady and inaccessible to lay people in order to present them in a simple, engaging way.

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