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Julie is a ghost writer and editor. She works on op-eds and blog posts on emerging policy issues such as net neutrality, anti-ballistic laser testing, Iran sanctions, NewGen aerial refueling tanker, the Deepwater Horizon disaster, and union bailouts. She Pitches and places clients on both nationally syndicated radio outlets such as Lars Larson; and on television outlets such as Neil Cavuto, Varney and Company and other Fox Business outlets. She helps facilitate and run radio row and media registration at CPAC 2011.


Writing- Writing original blog posts on energy, sin taxes, Iran sanctions, etc.

Editing-Crafting and editing press releases to promote Client Services (HTML, Dreamweaver)

Administrative Associate- Conducting peer research, managed cost recovery contracts.

Music Editing- Writing/publishing original copy.

Reporting- Publishing hard news/feature stories on business, local government, entertainment


Writing, proofreading, reporting,


University of Minnesota

Julie holds phd in law from the University of Minnesota.


400 Projects Completed

Julie has continuously impressed in her work as an editor. Her work production and creativity are nearly untouchable, and she is on fire for what she does in the legal world. she is witty and confident and always able to help you solidify the ideas you need to create content for your web page.


300 Projects Completed

When it comes to editing, whether it is blog posts or a book, Julie will make sure that your writing is flawless and coherent in sentence structure. There have been several times that She pointed out a short coming made in blogging. Julie is sharp and quick to point out the problems, yet she does it in a way that keeps you from feeling like a complete imbecile.


400 Projects Completed

Julie is a flexible writer who works diligently. Her willingness to train armatures in selecting stories and making them work for a targeted audience is incredible. She is a talented writer, she creates unique content for her audience and is dedicated to her job as a content Writer.

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