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Nahal G
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Los Angeles, CA
NEW 9/25/2018
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Nahal has worked as a freelance writer for 10 years, providing communications/editorial expertise for organizations. She also writes and edits features and loves both the business and journalism aspects of her work, as each brings different challenges and rewards. She likes having many plates in the air, so being a freelancer suits her well. She also owns a technology and media business and is a work-at-home entrepreneur. She has several eBooks and audiobooks published which are selling well in the global marketplace.
Product Description


informational ebooks and web content
scripts for films and animation
High-tech multimedia production in several formats
Video production and filmmaking
SEO content writing
Commercial copy for companies
Copywriting for movie scripts or music/poetry
Academic research papers
All types of creative writing
Writing apps for mobile devices with enhanced media


Her interests range from creative writing to how we teach kids to write in school, and how we could do a better job of cultivating the fundamentals of communication


Texas A&M University College Station

She received her Bachelor degree of Arts in English Literature in 2009


1,000 Projects Completed

She writes on changing, finding and creating prospects for new careers. She specializes in resume and cover letter instructions and how to prepare for an interview. She also gives tips on where to look for work and how to network.


1,000 Projects Completed

She writes successfully about entrepreneurial personalities, brick and mortar start-ups vs. online start-ups and supply chains.

She explores why some businesses succeed while similar start-ups fail. She gives tips for those starting an online shop.


300 Projects Completed

She has a flair for sarcasm when necessary and an understanding of when humor will help an article make a point.

Product Description

1,000 Projects Completed

crafts product descriptions that lift off the page and allow readers to view the product from all dimensions. She clearly describes the features and uses of products while persuading readers they have to have one.

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