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Jared B
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Jared's obsession with copywriting began as soon as he was old enough to read. He still remembers stealing copies of J. Peterman, Things You Never Knew Existed, The Sharper Image, and Hammacher Schlemmer from the mail and stashing them underneath his mattress.

Years later, when he returned from studying English at university, the collection was missing. Even now he wonders what his mother thought when she found his collection of catalogues.

Therefore, it is no surprise that today Jared writes engaging product descriptions, travel narratives, food articles, and educational content. He writes for commonly known brands, travel sites, business sites, food blogs and regional leaders in education.

Jared knows the key to creating great content is understanding what clients want. Consequently, he asks the significant questions to create clean, concise and actionable content.


Jared has experience with direct marketing, web copy, print copy, product descriptions, and inbound marketing. He writes extensively about consumer goods, business strategies, home and garden, cooking, food and the hospitality industry.

Jared also writes short fiction for clients on this platform.

Jared's ability to offer quality and timely content makes him a favorite among clients. As a result, his clients endorse him and leave great reviews:

"Jared did a great job for me. He was flexible and understanding ... ."

"I appreciated his ability to connect with my audience and convey the information clearly and sensitively."

"Great writer. Very responsive!"

"As always amazing ūüôā Thank you so much."

"SO GOOD! Consistently impressed with you and the blog posts you create, Jared!..."
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