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Whitley shares stories through the written word as well as audio, video, social media, speaking engagements and teaching. That includes her role as feature editor of a Colorado magazine. Whitley co-hosted and produced a podcast, and is the author of three books, “Birmingham Beer: A Heady History of Brewing in the Magic City,” “Muscle Shoals Sound Studio: How the Swampers Changed American Music” and “Balancing Act: Yoga Essays.”

And here’s what really drives me: Some people become journalists because they’re on a mission to save the world through words.

That wasn’t me. I chose journalism at age 10, but my motivation was self-serving: I wanted to write, and nonfiction came to me more readily than fiction. That remained my primary drive through school and internships. But within a month of accepting my first professional job, I saw firsthand the power words could have on a community.
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Whitley writes blog posts, articles, social media content, white papers, and eBooks. She enjoys variety and welcomes requests for other kinds of content. She most commonly writes in these industries: health, finance, insurance, digital currency, business, digital marketing, the internet, real estate, and web and software development.


Whitley's combined love of dancing and kids recently led to exciting adventures in event marketing. She works with a Minneapolis group, appearing at school assemblies and a variety of community events (such as Twin Cities Pride) while representing several local businesses and organizations. Her successes in event marketing inspire much of the marketing content she writes.

In addition to the several hours she spends at dance practice each week, Whitley loves spending time at the gym. She loves Zumba, HIIT, MixxedFit and yoga - and is always open to trying new fitness routines.

Whitley enjoys scrap booking, camping, hiking, skiing, and cuddling with her cat.


University of Alabama

The Master of Arts program trains experienced journalists to go deeper and equips them with subject-area expertise, so they can explain complicated issues to the public. It develops an intellectual grounding in the concentration chosen that enables one to ask more informed questions, evaluate evidence for competing theories and produce sophisticated and nuanced stories.


350 Projects Completed

Whitley has written many articles about personal finance and small business finance. She successfully completed these articles with a combination of authority research and personal experience from running a small business.

She has done extensive research on ways that small businesses might obtain funding through both traditional and alternative financing sources. For instance, Whitley can compare bank loans, SBA backing, different kinds of online lenders, investors, factoring, and so on.

Whitley is also a coin collector, and her hobby has led to writing assignments about numismatics and collecting. She also writes about investing in gold, silver, and other precious metals. Most recently, Whitley has begun working with digital currency platforms, so she's a good recourse for content about blockchain tech, Bitcoin, and other alternative currencies and platforms.


150 Projects Completed

Whitley produces quality insurance content for insurance websites. This content helps educate potential and existing clients and generates new insurance leads. She also understands the details of the ACA, Medicare, and many other insurance programs.


85 Projects Completed

Whitley is the proud mother of three children ages 10 and 6. As a "start over" mom, Whitley has a unique perspective as she is involved in all the phases of parenting at the same time! Whitley enjoys writing about her children and her role as a mother and has written about her experiences in articles related to starting over as a mother, breastfeeding, the family bed, how to handle a teenager, and sending your first child off to college.


3,500 Projects Completed

Whitley has written thousands of articles covering a vast array of topics. She conducts in-depth research for all topics she covers. Her articles are accurate, informative, and fun to read.

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1,300 Projects Completed

Whitley is a popular choice for bloggers. She has written hundreds of engaging blog posts on a variety of subjects. Common topics include insurance, alternative energy, baby boomers, and personal finance. Each blog usually has a different approach to content, and Whitley has been able to adapt her own style to the client's creative brief.

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