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Writing is both Thomas's passion and his path to learning new industries. After writing college essays for two years while attending SUNY Geneseo, he moved on to writing content for a prominent white label SEO firm. Since then, he has been working on a novel alongside satisfying his freelance clients.
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Creative content marketing, SEO, academic essays, and fiction ghostwriting.


Blockchain, marketing, outdoor lifestyle, chess, music, philosophy, and learning new things.


SUNY Geneseo

Thomas studied philosophy at SUNY Geneseo where he learned how to read and write with a critical eye. He also participated in the local collegiate community through attending philosophy club, the organic farmers market, and hosting concerts at his house.


30 Projects Completed

Most of Thomas's technology writing experience is within the blockchain industry. He is competent in understanding the gritty details of the more obscure projects being launched and can explain them in more simple terms.


0 Projects Completed

Thomas loves the wilderness. Having spent many summers in the Canadian brush, Thomas is intimately familiar with fishing, camping, and hiking, as well as the various tools and tips you need to enjoy the natural world.

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30 Projects Completed

Thomas has extensive experience with blogging for various industries ranging from HVAC to homemade hockey rinks. Blog and article formats are quick, easy, and enjoyable for Thomas to write.

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