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Through field research in southeast Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Azerbaijan, and Iraq, Emma has studied the relationship between mobile pastoral and sedentary communities of the Bronze Age, Iron Age, and medieval/Ottoman periods. Her current collaborative projects include a survey designed to investigate the urban structure of the early Mesopotamian city at Ur, Iraq; a survey in Naxçivan, Azerbaijan, focused on the relationship between South Caucasia’s earliest urban centers and fortresses in the Bronze and Iron Ages; publication of extensive regional settlement data to investigate demographic patterns of the last 8000 years on the plains of the Tigris River of southeastern Turkey; and geological dating of rock-carved cisterns located adjacent to archaeological campsites in southeastern Turkey. Other team-based laboratory research includes a project that uses satellite imagery and environmental modeling to examine the relationship of mass-kill hunting traps (desert kites) and settlement in eastern Jordan to areas where surface or ground water may have seasonally pooled under wetter conditions and a project that uses satellite imagery and topography models to analyze pre-Islamic fortification patterns in the Balkh oasis of northern Afghanistan in relationship to irrigation networks. Both the Jordan and the Balkh projects draw from new, rarely-used archival data sources, specifically recently declassified military intelligence imagery (early Cold War-era Hexagon and U2 imagery) that shows archaeological features much more clearly than modern satellite imagery. As a participant in the global collaborative project “LandCover6K,” Emma is working with other historians and archaeologists to reconstruct land use over the last 6000 years in the Middle East and other part of Asia.
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archaeology, mathematics, statistics, geology, gender studies, literature, SEO, architecture, Civil engineering


Harvard University Alumni, Bryn Mawr scholars, League of Female Professionals,


Bryn Mawr College

Emma pursued mathematics andNear Eastern Archaeology, graudating with honors ((summa cum laude). She wrote a thesis titled,“Stable Solvability of a Family of Quartic Thue Equations” and “Spatiality in the Neo-Assyrian Palaces of Assurnasirpal II, Sargon II, and Sennacherib.”

Ankara Üniversitesi TÖMER

Emma took a sabbatical to study in Turkey, and it is here where she developed a deep love for Eastern architecture and mathematics.

Harvard University

Emma delved deeper into nomadic studies and the historical perspectives on nomadic science architecture. She wrote a dissertation titled, “Local Landscapes of Pastoral Nomads in Southeastern Turkey.”


5,290 Projects Completed

Emmy is an anthropological archaeologist of the Middle East and South Caucasia and currently works as an Assistant Professor of Digital Humanities and Archaeology in the Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations Department at the University of Pennsylvania. Her research applies spatial analyses to material culture to investigate the territorial organization of ancient polities, the development of early cities, and long-term changes in the interactions between culture and environment.


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Emma's primary skills and field of knowledge is in agriculture and though she is an avid anthropology enthusiast, she is well adept at tracing the agricultural heritage of any location she is contracted to analyze. Her anthropology background informs her historical analysis of a region’s agricultural potential and the probability for new modes of farming.


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Emma uses geographic information science (GIS) methods, archaeology, satellite imagery analysis, and archival research as tools for recovering human experiences that have otherwise been sidelined in narratives about the past, particularly the experiences of mobile pastoralists and other communities that lived in agriculturally marginal environments such as deserts and highlands. Her ability to use technology in her field is unmatched and she has been feted for her innovative perspectives on technology use in anthropology/archeology.

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Emma’s mastery of language assures her of the enviable task of editing and writing for several archaeology sites. She has been contracted by various East Asian and oriental organizations to document Asian anthropological perspectives and she completed each assignment with utmost professionalism and excellence. Emma is an absolutely talented content writer capable of creating amazing content for her clients/employer

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Emma rarely shies away from writing for her favorite anthropology and architecture newsletters and magazines. She is highly sought for her deep understanding of archeology and anthropology and this knowledge is widely utilized in various other fields. Her wide research background makes her an obvious choice for any newsletter wording/assignment.


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“Emma has been published over 400 times and most of her work revolves around architecture, anthropology and agriculture. She uses her extensively knowledge of culture and history to replenish her research on anthropology, thereby creating excellent research and publications that are instrumental in her diverse scholarly fields. Emma is simply one of the best authors on anthropology to ever teach at the University of Pennsylvania.”

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