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Julie is an independent blog content/website writer with over 7 years experience working for several online sites. She is a retired missionary educator with over 20 years experience in homeschooling and alternative education, majoring in English grammar and composition.

She has approximately 5 years experience as a professional TEFL English instructor and works part-time as a content writer. She is American, but has traveled abroad extensively over the last 30 years, living and working in Chile, Argentina, Mexico and India. Her missionary background gives her a distinct philosophy on life and her travels has broadened her insight into different cultures.


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Julie is an enthusiastic proponent of healthy living and has written a considerable number of articles on the subject. Some of the topics she has expounded on include healthy living techniques, diet, vegetarianism, health and fitness, exercising, exercise programs and techniques, etc.


As a parent of four children, Julie has 20 years of experience raising a family. In addition, she has helped raise and educate many other children over a 20 year period, gaining valuable input and experience in the parenting and childcare field. She has written over 100 articles on the subject of childcare to include care and education of toddlers, toddler discipline, parenting techniques, importance of spending time with your children, communicating with children, communicating with teens, baby care, single parenting, etc.


Julie has over 20 years' personal experience as a teacher in the field of alternative education, ranging from early learning to high school. She has written many articles on the topic of education to include early learning techniques, distance education, degree programs, homeschooling curricula and methodology, etc.


Julie has written numerous articles on the topics of marital relationships, teenage relationships, family relationships and more. She has 5 years personal experience as a Christian youth and family counselor, giving her valuable insight into this area.

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Julie has written hundreds of articles on a wide variety of topics for several content websites. She enjoys researching new topics that can expand her knowledge and improve her writing skills.

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