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Bran is an Assistant Professor at University of Massachusetts Boston and a dedicated freelance writer. He has researched and authored articles for a variety of jobpostings publications - both feature pieces and smaller articles. In addition, he has gathered sources and conducted interviews; wrote pieces targeted to specific populations including disabled students, graduate students and high school seniors.


Media Relations, Editing, Content Management, Public Relations, Research, Newsletters, Proofreading, Copy Editing, Creative Writing, Web Content, Journalism, Social Media Marketing, Magazines, Advertising, Press Releases, Marketing Communications, SEO, Statistics, Quantitative Research, Student Affairs, New Media.


Western University, University of Missouri-Columbia, Syracuse University, Syracuse University Alumni Network, Pi Kappa Alpha Professional Network, New-house Alumni Network, Syracuse University Alumni Network in Toronto, University of Massachusetts Boston, Sympatico.ca


Western University

This specialization helped Bran to examine the role that constitutional, administrative, criminal, and international laws play in limiting or controlling the use of power by governments. During this program, Bran also critically examined the extent to which the judiciary and courts are key players.

Syracuse University

The magazine, newspaper and online journalism program (MNO) prepared Bran for the journalism industry. He learned to write, report, design and edit across communications platforms and create content on par with magazine, newspaper and online professionals working in the field today.

University of Missouri-Columbia

Bran immersed himself in the humanities and sciences to earn an advanced, multidisciplinary degree in the dynamic and ever-evolving Media and Communication field. The Doctoral Program prepared him for a career in both academia and career paths in consulting, education, finance, government, law, and research.


4,000 Projects Completed

Content analyses of prime-time television provide a picture of predominant cultural stereotypes and social trends. Bran’s present research is a quantitative content analysis of social class in popular broadcast and cable television in the United States. His research advances scholarship by systematically analyzing character class in addition to more commonly examined variables such as race and gender. A model for the operationalization of class for quantitative content analyses of mediated texts is offered. This proof of concept study demonstrates the viability of studying media representations of class quantitatively to systematically document patterns of portrayal.


3,001 Projects Completed

His research examined an advice sub-forum on a popular set of forums designated for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) people negotiating the coming out process. Employing online disinhibition as a framework, and drawing from an identity management standpoint, a thematic analysis uncovered seven unique ways that LGBTQ people create community and craft identities in a computer-mediated context.


2,000 Projects Completed

Bran’s present study explored the audience reception to Caitlyn Jenner’s coming out interview with Diane Sawyer. Examining Twitter conversations as part of a social television experience, Bran’s research focuses on the types of words and phrases used in response to the interview, the themes that were present in the conversation, and the opinion leaders who helped to shape the discussion. Co-occurrence of themes was also explored. Results indicated an overwhelmingly positive response from live tweeters watching Jenner’s coming out interview, led by a small but in?uential group of celebrities and media personalities such as Oprah Winfrey and Perez Hilton. Top themes included support, gender, journey to truth, family drama, and bravery.


7,001 Projects Completed

Bran worked with TheLoop.ca for close to two years where he wrote regular blogs on home/money topics. His tasks were to develop galleries, compile images and write copy content. He also developed topics and pitched ideas; offered opinions and referred to personal experiences; conducted research; kept current on relevant news; wrote heads and decks. Bran entered content into a content management system; selected and cropped photos.


7,000 Projects Completed

Bran established and maintained internal communications for Gay Men's Sexual Health Alliance network. He authored e-blasts and newsletters; provided media relations; created promotional materials; fostered online communication; wrote proposal requests, evaluation reports, and other official documents; undertook a lead role in the planning of provincial campaigns, numerous advisory body meetings, and working groups; managed advertising buys and promotional budgets; oversaw communication with graphic designers, printers, web designers, advertisers, and other outside contractors.

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