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Gina was 12 when she discovered the power and beauty of words. In due time, she earned a bachelor's degree in Communications and then a master's degree in Journalism. While pursuing her master's, she worked at a translation agency, which gave her another outlet for her skills with words.

It has been 13 years since she completed her master's degree and started a career. Throughout the years, Gina has worked as a newspaper reporter, translator, editor, media outreach specialist, public relations assistant, entrepreneur, SEO account manager and digital marketer. Each experience has come with new challenges and provided valuable lessons.

Gina enjoys crafting compelling copy that engages audiences and helps companies reach their goals. Start a new project together!
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B2B and B2C web copy, blog posts, eBooks, email marketing campaigns, press releases, editorial lists, social media content, reports, executive profiles, LinkedIn profiles, resumes, and more.


Gina enjoys reading a good book, having a cup of coffee and occasionally tea. She loves nature and outdoor activities, the beach and water sports, food with friends and family, and deep conversations. She is also a green living advocate, loves traveling and has a way with arts, crafts, and cooking. Healthy eating, crossfit, yoga and well-being are top on her list of priorities.


Universidad de Puerto Rico

Cum laude

Florida International University - School of Journalism & Mass Communication


Special report on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in the military.
Grad paper on Mentally Ill Prisoners in the U.S.

Green Living

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Gina has always been an advocate for the environment and green living. In the early days of her career, she covered business environment news for a weekly newspaper in her hometown, Puerto Rico. As a reporter, two of her most impactful front page stories covered the local solid waste crisis and the growth of green building design and construction. She also wrote about clean energy and sustainable business practices. She then became an advocate of renewable energy and energy conservation in the public sector, promoting the adoption of clean energy in homes, public and private buildings.

In the non-profit arena, Gina worked with the U.S. Green Building Council, gaining deeper knowledge of green living and sustainability practices. She learned about water and materials efficiency, indoor air quality, waste reduction and life cycle assessments, among other concepts.


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Gina's hands-on experience in digital marketing started at a global risk management and human resources consulting company. Later she worked for an SEO marketing agency focused on franchises, where she learned and applied SEO best practices for content marketing across multiple media outlets. Most recently, Gina expanded her knowledge of SEO content marketing at an inbound digital marketing agency with clients in healthcare, insurance, agriculture, human resources, education, and art.

Throughout these years, Gina has created engaging, SEO-optimized copy to help B2B and B2C companies meet their marketing goals, whether it's creating brand awareness, increasing web traffic and social media engagement, or capturing and converting leads.

She specializes in web copy, blog posts, eBooks, email marketing campaigns, press releases, editorial lists, social media content, industry reports, corporate and executive profiles.


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As part of the marketing team of a global human resources company, Gina acquired deep knowledge of staffing and other human resources topics. She developed and edited content in English and Spanish, and translated content between these languages.

*Analyzed data to write trend and industry reports.
*Conducted interviews to write newspaper articles and press releases.
*Created copy for corporate website, executive profiles, email marketing campaigns, flyers, and other marketing materials.

Web Page

1 Projects Completed

Websites are often a company's first impression. Therefore, they should reflect what's unique about your company in a way that makes people want to do business with you.

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