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Andrew's reporting experience began at the State College of Florida’s newspaper. At the University of South Florida, he received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English Literature with a minor in journalism.

For seven years he did substitute teaching in all grades and subjects. Working with young people infused him with a zest that still shines through in his writing. At Walmart and Family Publishers, he entertained his associates with humorous newsletters. In 1999, he published his experiences online as he cycled from Sarasota to Santa Cruz.

His published articles range from yoga benefits to how to split an atom. He has written eight novels: Mars, Love, Buster Bear’s Big Adventure, Paralyzed From the Brain Down, Robots Running Wild, Bitch Trailer Park, Reality Gone Wrong, and Chess Genius.

His article “On Being Bullied” was published in the January, 2016 issue of The Florida Writer. Most recently, he won the 2016 Sarasota Fiction Writers Short Story Contest.
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