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Goals are a big part of Keira's lifestyle and it shows through her ability to get projects completed to the highest quality and on time. Writing has been one of her favorite hobbies since she was a child and upon getting over her healthy skepticism of being able to realize her dream of being a writer online recently, she is now in the process of structuring her writing career on her own terms. She says about writing professionally, "I love what I do and it shows through my work. Writing is my passion." Keira is a born writer.
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Keira loves writing in the Children, Home & Family, Critical and Educational niches.


Keira loves the idea of exploring the deep, philosophical perspectives of life. She also love teaching and education. She loves to inspire her peers and brighten the lives of children through inspiration and education. She also has plans of being a speaker in the near future, in conjunction with her writing endeavors.


Troy University

Keira Lewis-Coachman strives to attain the best of her writing skills from Troy University.


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This author specializes in think pieces, blogs and education genres of writing. The informal style of writing is what Keira enjoys the most. "How-to" genres are the best for this writer, as she errs on technical writing as well.

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Keira really enjoys blog writing. Although she mostly writes for other bloggers, preferring to work in the background. She does enjoy assisting bloggers with written content and actively works part-time in this genre of writing.

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