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Writing has been one of Jared's greatest strengths from a very early age. He has a degree in English Literature and has honed the ability to read between the lines to dig deeper given a piece of source material. As a former spelling bee and captain of his high school spelling and vocabulary team (seriously!), his grammar, spelling, and punctuation are always impeccably precise.

As a freelance web developer, Jared has developed a solid foundation in SEO fundamentals. He has contributed pieces to a number of DFW-area publications. He previously worked for the legal department of a multi-billion-dollar corporation researching claims against the company and ghostwriting responses. More recently, he worked as a copywriter for a digital marketing firm catering exclusively to law firms.


Jared's writing style is versatile and can adapt to suit a brand's tone. but most of his writing experience is in the areas of literary analysis, web copy, and entertainment opinion (album, film, and live show reviews).


Jared is an aspiring web developer and is continually improving his skills and education via online educational materials. In his free time, he enjoys playing Pokemon Go and Hearthstone, watching stand-up comedy, and is a regular listener of podcasts such as The Dollop, Syntax FM, and Hanselminutes. He also stays up to date on current SEO trends by reading articles posted on SEO blogs and websites.


University of North Texas

Jared completed his bachelor's degree with a major in English Literature, focusing heavily on literary analysis of prose and poetry ranging from Old English to modern works and every era in between.


100 Projects Completed

Jared has written over 100 pieces of content for defense law firm landing pages, specifically criminal law. Each article required extensive research and averaged between 800 and 1,500 words in length. Examples of topics include drug possession, aggravated assault, and driving while intoxicated.

Jared is comfortable researching and referencing local laws in his content. He has written for lawyers in Texas, Florida, Utah, and New York. He understands the value in providing third-party, reputable resources as a means of offering additional information and boosting the website's domain authority.


15 Projects Completed

Jared has written more than ten articles in this area, including music album reviews, live show reviews, and film reviews. Each review involves thorough research of the source material and, where applicable, interviews for additional insight. Jared aims to provide a balanced evaluation of the source material with as little bias as possible.


15 Projects Completed

Jared is experienced with producing articles averaging between 500 and 1500 words and has been published in both digital and print publications. He also has experience with copy editing and has the ability to submit self-edited content which needs little to no modification. His tone is adaptable and can range from professional, legal-quality writing to more colloquial and conversational, depending on the context.

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