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Craig has experience in technical writing, blogging, political writing, and infographic design. He has experience with copyediting and authoring SEO content. He enjoys writing in a well-equipped home office with powerful desktop editing tools. He's "in the daily political mainstream" with a variety of social media accounts including Twitter. He is a registered Wiki Editor. He writes every day for a new blog.
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Political Science, Geopolitics, Analysis: Current Affairs, Technical Analysis, Cultural Dynamics and Analysis, Social Media, Business Acumen


Global Politics, Domestic Politics, Information Technology, Business, Entrepreneurial, Project Management, Media Buzz, Culture


University of Miami, Miami, Florida

The International Studies track includes 4 years of Spanish. The track covers global economics and geopolitics. The Political Science Dept. track covered courses in Democracy, Comparative Studies of Latin American Politics, and American Government. Students engaged with Professors in Independent Study courses, including Game Theory and Statistics.


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Comparison commentary on MSM and the televangelist. These are opinion pieces designed for social media or blogs. It's designed to stimulate and entertain. Readers are looking for political content and media criticism. This content is always original and requires statistics, research, and often must be properly sourced.


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Sales copy for fitness. This sample is part of an ebook for a fitness related activity. It is more geared to lifestyle. The ebook, promoted as free content, links to websites and other business collateral designed for monetary conversion to paid services. The brief ebook is edited for SEO and contains graphics.

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4 Projects Completed

Brief tribute mixed with social commentary. This is designed to work as a social media post. It should appeal to many readers and is designed to work as a tribute as well. Although the article is too short to work as a blog post, it can be an add-on to a larger article about Don Rickles. So I reduced this original article to a smaller article that reads briefly for Facebook.


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Brief tribute article of notables and media personalities. Membership in the Wiki Editor community. Evaluation, editing, and collaboration of articles to reach standards set by the Wiki community. Proper sourcing and neutral tone required. Other projects require passionate tone and good word flow. Many tributes require adaptation of a personal story.

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