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Brad C
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“We’ve used Brad for several rush projects like landing pages and email newsletters–even when the turnaround was an afternoon’s notice!” Heather S., co-owner of a third-party content outsourcing firm

“Whenever I have needs for high-end copywriting, Brad is the person that I call. It could be web pages, landing pages, press releases, direct mail, and even printed collateral. ” Erin Walsh, Associate Marketing Manager, Boost Software

Brad C. knows that his number one job is to make your job easier. As a part-time editor who has also managed projects for a family firm, he understands that timeliness and courtesy are every bit as important as writing skill and SEO knowledge.

During his almost 11 year as an online writer, Brad has worked as a content creator, sales writer, and SEO/SEM strategist. He's written dozens of ebooks and short reports, hundreds of short ads, and thousands of search engine optimized articles, blog posts, and web pages.
Banner Ad
Search Marketing
Web Page


Sales Copy--lead gen/squeeze pages, PPC landing pages, pre-sell, short ad, ppc, banner, advertorial-style articles, and lead magnets (short reports, written courses, and video courses).

Optimized Web Pages--Brad adheres to SEO best practices, and writes in a conversational, one-on-one manner.

How-to Content--One of Brad's specialties is writing instructional/how-to blog posts, reports, ebooks, email courses, and video courses.


Brad's career-related interests include SEM, B2C Sales Copy, Software, Affiliate Marketing & MMO, Self-Defense, Entertainment, Anything Gary Halbert, and WordPress. He is a work-from-home dad who is into hiking, martial arts, yoga, cycling, horror fiction, and building ever-more-complicated Minecraft creations with his kids.

Search Marketing

2,000 Projects Completed

Brad has been involved with Search Marketing since early 2008. 85% of his projects have been search engine related in one way or another. He has written thousands of search engine optimized blog posts and web pages. He has also taught numerous small businesses and entrepreneurs how to optimize their own sites and campaigns, via blog posts, ebooks, and in-person consultations.


1,085 Projects Completed

Brad has written hundreds of web pages and blog posts for local "Main Street" healthcare providers. Over half of this work has been split between optometric and chiropractic services. A full list of his medical and health care topics include:

Veterinary and Animal Hospital
Insurance Agents
Alternative/Holistic Health Care Providers


501 Projects Completed

Brad has written for multiple types of consumer and B2B software, such as antivirus, PC optimization, and client relationship management software. Assets have included everything from sales copy to entire knowledge-base sites.

For Consumer Software:
Sales Pages
Landing Pages for PPC Campaigns (for sales, leads, free trial downloads, webinars, etc)
Banner Ads
PPC Ads (Google Ads, Facebook, Bing)
PPV Ads (pop-up pages)
100s of Blog Posts

Assets created for B2B software include blog posts, short reports, and instructional content for client retention software and Software as a Service (SAAS). Target audiences have ranged from small business owners, to entrepreneurial hopefuls, to enterprize-level businesses.

Web Page

2,001 Projects Completed

Brad has written hundreds of web pages since 2007. These pages have been for small and medium offline businessess, as well as for affilaite marketing businesses, as well as web assets for said businesses (knowledge base and support sites, for example).

Style ranges from informational to promotional. SEO has been a consideration on 99% of these pages, and meta information was often included as part of the project.

Generally, these pages have been "inform while hitting emotional buttons"/"pre-sell" pages.


200 Projects Completed

Sales copy should be fun--even inspiring--to read. That's one reason Brad reads _The Gary Halbert Letter_ every morning. Aside from good advice on all aspects of direct marketing, it's an engaging, inspiring page-turner of a read!

Brad's ad writing experience includes ads both long and short, such as:

*Email signup, webinar signup, and other lead-gen pages*
*"Download Now" PPC landing pages for paid and free-trail software.
*Banner ads for weight loss products, dating services, and consumer software

*Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Facebook ads for:
Construction Support Services
Bariatric vitamins
Consumer music products
Relationship ebooks
Legal services
Dating services
Antivirus software
B2B prinintg services

*Lead-gen reports written with sales in mind
*Advertorial-style content-copy blend
*Affiliate recruitment email copy
*Other soft-sell & pre-sales copy, for affiliate marketers, that takes on the voice and look of the final money page or money site.

Banner Ad

100 Projects Completed

What kind of headlines do you need? Brad has created banner and PPC ads for everything from antivirus programs, to bariatric vitamins, to industrial tensioned fabric structures, to dating websites of all types.

A loyal desciple of Gary Halbert, Brad knows the value of split testing both your headline and your offer (and everything else, eventually...). Most of all, he believes in knowing your audience like the back of your hand. Message him for custom rates on ads and campaigns.

Brad has written about 100 banner, Adwords, and Facebook ads for clients, as well as hundreds more for his own affiliate marketing ventures.


100 Projects Completed

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