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Gretchen has been writing fiction and poetry since childhood and holds a Bachelor's degree in Literature/Creative Writing. In 2005, she began writing occasional fact-based articles and blogs in addition to poetry. She has contributed to and published both online and offline literary magazines, and self-published a novel.

Currently, she writes various SEO based writing including articles, web pages, blogs, and other copy writing participating on various different writing sites. Before delving into the world of freelancing, Gretchen worked for nearly two decades in customer service and administrative positions in a wide variety of disciplines including; retail, grocery, disability services, elder care, finance, news media, and online higher education. She is also the mother of two college students.
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Gretchen takes interest in and writes about a wide variety of topics including health issues, dieting, child and teen issues, entertainment, education, legal writing, blogs, SEO content, web pages and more. In her spare time she enjoys reading, biking, listening to music, and attending literary events, plays, and concerts.


reading, movies, human rights, walking, health awareness, teen issues


Southwest Minnesota State University

Study of Literature and Creative Writing including fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, and journalism.


1,215 Projects Completed

Gretchen has written various articles and blogs which touch on various legal issues. She has covered both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy, criminal law, DUI, personal injury, wrongful death, divorce and custody issues and more. She strives to use a straightforward style with a personal touch as these legal situations are ones that can potentially touch anyone's lives.


686 Projects Completed

Gretchen has written articles on various physical and mental health related conditions, including diabetes, heart disease, autism, depression, and more. She has also written about health maintenance through proper nutrition, diet and exercise. Topics such as hair and skin care have also been covered as well as more scientific debates such as stem cell skin gun technology for burn victims.


304 Projects Completed

Gretchen has written various informative articles on many different types of insurance, such as health insurance, life insurance, auto insurance, travel insurance, renter's insurance and medical insurance. She has explored both traditional and non-traditional methods of obtaining insurance through work as well as through private vendors. She has advocated the benefits of these types of insurance and why they are important.

Home Living

282 Projects Completed

Gretchen has written several articles as well as copy for web pages that explore different home improvement options. Article topics include plumbing, air conditioning, duct cleaning, flooring, siding, and general decoration and home maintenance. These articles show the benefits of these goods and services and are optimized for search engine inclusion.

Real Estate

217 Projects Completed

Gretchen has composed many real estate related web pages and articles. These pieces highlight positive attributes of different areas and use SEO tactics to help search engines find the information provided. Apartment communities, high end senior housing, and vacation destinations are all areas that have been covered in these different pieces.


175 Projects Completed

Gretchen has written various articles, web pages, and product descriptions that are designed to sell products and services. Many of these articles include S.E.O techniques and some are designed to sell promotional products such as pens and magnets that are commonly given away at trade shows. Some of the articles and web pages explore marketing strategies that others can take away and apply to their own business.


146 Projects Completed

Gretchen has written and published various articles and web pages in finance related industries. Topics include credit cards, budgeting, retirement, and savings options. She has also written several articles on debt solutions. Besides writing experience, she has two years of experience in the finance industry where she set up accounts for brokerage, mutual funds, annuities, IRAs and more.


146 Projects Completed

Gretchen worked for several years in the records office of an online university where she spent a great deal of time researching both online and brick and mortar universities. She also raised two children who are both currently college students. She home schooled one over a summer. She has written several articles on online education, home schooling, community college, and other education options.


98 Projects Completed

Gretchen has written various articles, web pages, and product descriptions that are complementary to outdoor activities such as running, biking, fishing, hiking and more. Product descriptions describe how certain attributes or sport clothing helps users stay comfortable while wearing the items. Other articles give credence to activities such as biking to work.


92 Projects Completed

Like many people, Gretchen keeps track of basic celebrity news. She has written overviews of celebrity lives and news tidbits. She also keeps track of books and movies, and reviews those she enjoys or that are contenders for awards. Her reviews and articles have appeared in various places on the web, and she continues to experience these forms of entertainment with a critical eye.


87 Projects Completed

Gretchen has written several articles that focus on different area of fashion. Some of these articles have been to promote various costumes for Halloween or other holidays. She has also written product descriptions that highlight both the aesthetic and practical purposes of various clothing and outerwear. These pieces are designed to be promotional, to interest customers, and attract search engines with search engine optimization.


74 Projects Completed

Gretchen has written a variety of pieces regarding issues with road safety, struggles of truck drivers, and the challenges of being a pedestrian in a motor vehicle world. Some of her work has looked into legal considerations regarding teen or elderly drivers and special provisions lawmakers have considered in monitoring the skills of these drivers.


71 Projects Completed

Gretchen has written various articles and website copy geared toward parents and children. Articles on pet ownership, single parenting, activity options, home schooling, education thoughts, budgeting options and more are among her published work. Her work also includes informational, yet slightly promotional articles on playground and backyard equipment for children.


56 Projects Completed

Gretchen has published several articles detailing both the methods and benefits of participating in arts and crafts. These articles have appeared on various websites and have been used for various purposes. Articles have touched on crafts for children, photography, and jewelry making. She also actively makes her own jewelry for herself and others.


53 Projects Completed

Gretchen has written web page content for Veteranarian websites, and articles that promote proper care of pets as well as responsible ownership. She has also had several pets of her own, and has spent time caring for other people's pets as well. She is a firm believer in shelters that help match pets with suitable homes and is concerned about animal welfare issues, such as puppy mills.


43 Projects Completed

Gretchen has written various articles and web pages on exercise, fitness, and weight loss. In these articles she examines fitness options for various fitness levels including exercising with arthritis or overcoming injury. Some articles examine elements of an active lifestyle, such as biking. She has also written product descriptions for various different fitness related supplements as well as fitness clothing.


35 Projects Completed

Gretchen has written various articles and product descriptions relating to nutrition. In these articles she has discussed various benefits of healthy eating, including the benefits of different vitamins, minerals, omega 3 fatty acids, and more. She has written product descriptions for different nutritional supplements as well as articles on how to meet nutritional needs through food sources.

Blog Post

2,534 Projects Completed

Gretchen has written many blog posts including personal blogs, many legal blogs, and blogs on other topics. She believes that regardless of the topic, a good blog should connect with the topic and the audience and reach that audience in a way that encourages action. Adding a personal touch, without getting too personal, is a great way to retain an approach-ability even with serious topics.

Web Page

1,109 Projects Completed

Gretchen has worked on many different web pages that cover a wide variety of topics. Sometimes, she works on a home page or a specialty page within a website. Other times she prepares the standard four page, "Home" "About Us" "Contact" and "Services" pages that are commonly requested by various businesses. These pages not only present information in a way that is easy for a visitor to understand, but also incorporate key words for Search Engine Optimization purposes.


783 Projects Completed

Gretchen has written hundreds of articles on various topics including legal, financial, health and wellness, home improvement, office, etc. Several of these articles were written under her own name before she began writing more ghost articles for other clients. She enjoys researching these topics and others and looks forward to opportunities to expand her knowledge.

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