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In college, Tenzin spent most of his time writing 20+ page papers for my Art History classes. These classes forced Tenzin to meet strict deadlines, which honed his self-discipline and sharpened his time-management skills. The most crucial skill gained was the ability to frame arguments clearly to keep readers interested and engaged.

As a former graphic and web designer, Tenzin uses his knowledge of graphic design and web design create spec ads for his copy. These mock-ups help him visualize phrases and words to increase their emotional impact.

Tenzin is currently a copywriter with a focus on ad copy and content writing.


Copywriting, Copy Editing, Ad copy, Content Writing, Creative Writing, Graphic Design, Web Design, Web Development


Advertising, Marketing, Art, Design


Rutgers University - New Brunswick

Tenzin's education in Art History was invaluable to his current career as a copywriter.

He learned how to influence readers by presenting arguments with evidence in an interesting and engaging manner.

Additionally, Tenzin's Art History helped him hone his research skills to make the best case for his arguments.

Now he uses these skills by painstakingly studying competing products to ensure the best copy for his clients.


29 Projects Completed

Tenzin has always been interested in the automotive industry.

As a child, he would often memorize car ads and list each vehicle's unique features.

Due to his passion for the automotive field, Tenzin is able to connect with car enthusiasts as well as the general public.

He knows how to write to gearheads and use technical jargon. On the other hand, he can also appeal to casual audiences by focusing on the basic emotional and financial benefits of vehicles and parts.


0 Projects Completed

Tenzin has created spec work for many food products, including Mac & Cheese and Sriracha sauce.

His ad copy highlights the benefits (be it emotional or physical) of a food product/service in an imaginative manner.

Tenzin's writing grabs the attention of the public and doesn't let go until they've acted on their desires.


0 Projects Completed

Tenzin's spec ads for technology are focused solely on facts, not gimmicks.

His writing style helps readers envision themselves using the product and reaping its extraordinary rewards.


0 Projects Completed

Tenzin has created spec ads that showcase his humor and fun writing style.

His advertisements are attention-grabbing without being using deception.

Tenzin believes that the star of the advertisement should be the product and its benefits.

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