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Kelly S. has a passion for helping people, and uses her gift for the written word to encourage and inspire others. She currently writes editorial and web content for major brands, magazines and newspapers and has worked in the writing industry since 1996. Kelly is the author of three published books, and specializes in health and wellness, family, education, and crafting. She is extremely proficient, skilled and highly driven.


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Kelly S. is the author of three published books; The Waldorf Cookbook, Acne-Free For Life and Archaeological Excavation.

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Kelly S. has a Master Certification in both Usui Reiki and Celtic Reiki, and enjoys making homemade medicinals in her spare time. Kelly S. has a passion for alternative and natural medicine, which she has successfully used to treat her own thyroid disease, autoimmune conditions and her daughter's autism.


Kelly S. is a well-known professional crafter and artist who has sold her works worldwide to schools, homeschools and individuals. She is best known for her needle-felted wool figurines and decorations. Kelly studied studio art from Kennesaw State University, and specializes in making beautiful creations out of ordinary materials that most people have lying around the house.


Kelly S. is an experienced educator and has homeschooled her two children for over 13 years. She understands that every child is different, and will learn in different ways. Kelly has a passion for bringing out the best in children, and helping them to discover that learning can be exciting and fun.


Kelly S. is passionate about making healthy, nutritious food for her family, and prides herself on making the best chocolate chip cookies and strawberry rhubarb pies on the planet. Kelly is also the published author of The Waldorf Cookbook, a collection of traditional and generational recipes handed down throughout Waldorf communities around the world. One of her favorite quotes by Hippocrates, "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food," perfectly describes her beliefs surrounding food and nutrition.


Kelly S. is the mother of two twice-exceptional daughters, both of whom are profoundly gifted and also have Asperger's Syndrome. Kelly is also a national special needs spokesperson, was a guest speaker on parenting, autism and homeschooling on Grassroots TV in Aspen, Colorado, and had the honor of interviewing Temple Grandin for SpecialNeedsWorld.Org, a popular social media network for special needs families that Kelly founded in 2011.


Kelly S. is an experienced medical researcher with a gift for correctly identifying symptoms and signs of disease. She has over 10 years researching medical studies, treatments and patents for different companies, and is especially interested in the latest treatments for autism, thyroid disease, acne and cancer. Kelly is also the published author of "Acne-Free For Life," a book that she wrote to help people who suffer from acne finally achieve the clear skin of their dreams.


Kelly S. is the proud owner of four cats and one dog, all of whom she treats like furry children. She is currently a writer for Purina Petcentric, where she shares her knowledge about proper care and treatment of four legged friends.

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Kelly S. is the author of over 6500 published digital and print articles for major brands, including Colgate, LIVESTRONG, Purina, DiGiorno, Kudzu, Lowe's Home Improvement and Angie's List.


Kelly S. is the author of three published books; The Waldorf Cookbook, Acne-Free For Life and Archaeological Excavation.

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