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An experienced web content writer with a sharp focus on producing SEO-driven content.

Edward has been working from his home office in Florida over the last six years. Most of his work has involved writing the legal, automotive, contracting, medical, and technology industries. He has received extensive training in site optimization from top SEO experts across the country. Edward can help you improve your content in the following areas:

- Site engine optimization (SEO)
- Readability
- Audience engagement
- Brand image
- Tone and style

He works with reputable digital marketing agencies, content marketing agencies, and web designers. By collaborating with your company, he can produce original content that reflects your brand and connects with your audience.

Edward uses the following tools to ensure that he produces quality content for your website, blog, or article:

- Clearscope
- Yoast
- SEMRush
- Google Keywords
- Grammarly
- Copyscape

Tell him what you have in mind, and he'll get started with your upcoming project.
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- Legal
- Technology
- Contracting/Construction
- Medical
- Automotive


University of Louisville

Edward earned his degree in Education


503 Projects Completed

Edward has been working on cars since he was 13. As an auto enthusiast, he uses his experience and knowledge to bring real-world insight into every project he writes. Edward has worked with such notables as BMW, Ford, Facebook Marketplace, Car & Driver magazine, numerous car dealerships, auto body shops, mechanics, salvage yards, auto parts stores, and other companies to produce a wide range of content.

His past projects have included:

- Entire websites
- Articles & blogs
- Product descriptions
- Buying Guides
- Press releases
- Video scripts
- Social media

Edward does more than write content. He incorporates a full content strategy into every project that includes SEO and audience engagement.


500 Projects Completed

Edward has been writing in the legal field since 2015. He has completed numerous project in a wide range of practice areas, including:

- Personal injury
- Bankruptcy
- Class action
- Civil litigation
- Business law
- Real estate law
- Wills, Trusts, & Estates

He has received extensive training in best SEO practices from top digital marketing agencies that specialize in writing for law firms. Edward is meticulous about writing content that is useful to the reader. His style of writing is succinct and easy to read. He uses tools such as Clearscope, Yoast, and SEMRush to optimize the content for Google ranking and readability.

Edward has written entire websites, landing pages, FAQ pages, service pages, blogs, and articles for law firms in California, Florida, New York, Arizona, Illinois, Minnesota, and other states.

Blog Post

4,229 Projects Completed

Over the past six years, Edward has written over 4,000 blogs in over 30 industries for businesses that range from startups to enterprises. He has worked with reputable digital marketing agencies, web designers, and one-on-one with clients. Edward adds essential core components in each blog such as:

- SEO-driven content that ranks well in Google
- Information that is useful and does not waste the reader's time
- Accurate and current information that positions the client as the authority in their industry
- Content that reflects the client's tone and style
- A finished product that meets or exceeds the client's specifications
- A blog that is well structured and organized

While some people may see blog posts as "filler" for SEO purposes, Edward sees every blog as an opportunity for the client to engage with their audience. Therefore, no word or thought is wasted. The reader walks away fulfilled and wants to know more about the company's products or services.

Web Page

3,132 Projects Completed

Edward has written thousands of web pages for numerous clients in a wide range of industries over the last six years. He combines all the elements of a successful web page to set the client up for success and help them meet their marketing goals. Some of these elements include:

- Site engine optimization to ensure strong Google ranking
- Content that reflects the writing style and message of the client
- Value-added content with no filler and no wasted words or thoughts
- Well-structured content that is easy to read or scan
- Copy that converts readers into customers

Edward does more than write content. He brings an entire content strategy into writing every page. His goal is to bring exposure, credibility, and authority to the client.

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