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I have had experience writing my own blog for over a year, and I have worked with several websites that help connect freelancers with clients.


Very good at writing articles/bios about individuals. He also specializes in articles concerning travel.


He enjoys writing about a variety of subjects, but he especially enjoys projects concerning food and cooking as that is a hobby of mine.


30 Projects Completed

Lukas has worked to write articles describing what is the best way to travel. This includes reviews of cities for the perspective of tourists, and advice on what forms of travel (plane, train, etc.) is best to navigate the countries in question


15 Projects Completed

Lukas has written a number of articles that discuss business men and women who have become very successful over their career. Often the articles focus on how they achieved their success, and their work within the industry.


50 Projects Completed

Lukas has written many articles about a number of individuals, going through their career history and life to provide a comprehensive article on who these people are and what they do.

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