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Chad has been writing professionally for over six years, and thanks to his extensive background in digital marketing, he has provided 10,000+ pieces of content to various clients. His experience in SEO has allowed him to help clients expand their online reach, increase lead generation, and secure higher levels of revenue.

Chad always knew that he wanted to be a professional writer. He has published fiction-pieces out there as well as bylines on Forbes and He enjoys thought-provoking pieces that help the reader learn something valuable.

Throughout his career as a freelance writer, Chad has found much success writing from home, allowing him to leave his 9 to 5 job and work for Writer Access clients on a full-time basis. With a passion for working with clients and attentiveness to detail, Chad has become a go-to content creator that can help you reach your targeted audience.
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Chad has extensive experience in creating blog posts and advertisements but also specializes in creating white papers, articles, brochure content, and more.


Chad has a variety of interests. He is a comic book artist on the side, and loves developing good stories for individuals of all ages to enjoy. When he was younger, he played in multiple bands as a guitarist.

He would explore film and video games as a medium to tell a story, and thus has years of experience in both fields as a technical writer/producer.


1,137 Projects Completed

Chad was once a pre-medical student who worked in the ER as a medical scribe. He would assist E.R. doctors on their shifts with medical documentation to help them focus on patient care. He has extensive knowledge of medical terms and is also a certified Electrocardiogram Monitor Technician. He has since used this knowledge to write articles on medical practices and new medical breakthroughs that can make a significant impact on patient care.


1,005 Projects Completed

Chad has written a dozen articles about current tech trends, product reviews, and more. He has built dozens of computers at home and naturally gravitates towards electronics. He is an avid gamer who stays on top of the newest gaming trends. Chad also understands the importance of improving technology and how we can benefit from it.

Real Estate

812 Projects Completed

Chad has written dozens of articles on real estate. Whether they are about informing potential buyers about insurance policies or how to close the deal on a bid, Chad has years of first-hand experience in the industry.


758 Projects Completed

Chad grew up working on cars with his family. He is well versed in vehicular repair and uses this experience to inform his audiences about all things automobile related.

Home Living

565 Projects Completed

Chad has covered many articles about home living. Coming from a large family, Chad finds relation in his content about the day to day chores and family life that many experience. He has written dozens of articles that provide tips and advice for busy families to improve their living situations one blog at a time.


484 Projects Completed

Chad has years of experience working with professional architects to create blogs that help their clients understand the importance of a well-built home. He continues to help local architects increase their online presence. Chad has also written blogs for construction sites. He has explained the home building process many times and feels confident in delivering content that helps convert sales for builders.


393 Projects Completed

Chad has written dozens of articles pertaining to legal matters. Whether they relate to corporate legal advice, finding the right attorney, or seeking a divorce lawyer, Chad has the legal experience to deliver the content that you need for your legal service.


356 Projects Completed

Chad is an animal lover and advocate for the well-being of all pets. He has written articles on how to care for your pets, the psychology behind their actions, and specific behaviors that certain breeds exhibit.


332 Projects Completed

As a native Texan, Chad loves to travel frequently. His experience on the road has allowed him to transcribe his experiences into articles that help paint pictures for future visitors.


327 Projects Completed

Chad has hands-on experience when it comes to HVAC installation. He has used this information to write dozens of articles that have helped his clients find the audience that they want. He also has experience writing plumbing articles that explain the intricacies of the craft.


266 Projects Completed

Chad is an advocate for all things fitness. With a background in the medical industry, Chad has researched extensively into kinesiology and how the human body functions. He has written dozens of articles covering multiple aspects of fitness, from bodybuilding to cross-country running.


264 Projects Completed

Chad has worked in the food industry for over 8 years. During that time he has been a server, a bartender, and assistant manager in various restaurants. Not only does Chad have a keen taste for good food, but he understands how the management of a restaurant should go.

Blog Post

1,922 Projects Completed

Chad focuses on writing blog posts for various websites. He firmly believes that a blog post is a way for a company to appear as an authority figure on the subject at hand, as well as appearing relatable with their audience. Companies have been built on blog posts alone, and Chad focuses his craft on finding the right balance of professionalism and casual approach to each and every post he develops for his clients.


1,569 Projects Completed

Chad has written a variety of advertising materials for clients that have helped increase their target sales. Chad understands the importance of proper wording and SEO placement to get the maximum return on an advertisement. He believes that wording in advertisements are crucial to converting clicks to sales

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