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Kasey T
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Kasey has found success writing for a variety of industries as a freelance writer over the past five years. Her writing content includes everything from blog posts and web pages to articles, all depending on the client's specification. She is an adept researcher for content, basing her skill set in her education and building upon that skill with several years of writing experience to amplify the skill. It is her desire to seek out work that requires research and investigation, as that feeds to her personal passion for daily learning and gaining knowledge for her craft. With a Bachelors of Arts in History, Kasey understands the importance of utilizing only quality information for research and using valuable sources for content.

Kasey’s professional experience includes working in the local government, business, and higher education industries. Because of her professional experience, she is aware of the need to write professional and informational content for orders that are professional in content. This experience has led Kasey to write content that successfully utilizes SEO and marketing strategies for her clients in the business sector. Personal job positions allow Kasey to successfully write for industries such as marketing, human resources, and finance.

Kasey works diligently to ensure that the expectations of her client orders are surpassed and encourages communication for any questions these clients may have. Her personal experience, education, and writing experience have allowed her to be a diversified writer. Please reach out to her for more information should you find yourself interested in discovering more.
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Kasey's specialties include a variety of industries that can be found below.

*Human Resources
*Real Estate


Kasey's personal interest include the following:

*Higher Education
*Selling / Promotion
*Health / Medical
*Product Description


Grand Canyon University

This degree allows the student who obtained a professional degree in Public Administration to focus on the aspects of public governance and the necessity of public policy, its purpose, and utilizing it as a public administrator.


226 Projects Completed

Kasey has provided over 50 articles and blog posts regarding the insurance industry. From life insurance to the various types of commercial insurance, Kasey has covered the content on them by successfully covering the different types and never mentioning prices specifically. These blog posts and articles have been purchased by insurance holders across the United States.


224 Projects Completed

Kasey has covered a variety of topics in the auto industry ranging from dealership promotion, standard auto services, and also reviewing new vehicles of different makes regularly. She has covered over 38 different content orders for this industry in both web pages and blog posts primarily.


23 Projects Completed

Kasey was required to develop study guides and sample academic writings for clients. In this industry, the topics were provided by the clients based on a topic and hypothetical assignment requirements. At that point, Kasey would use these guidelines to develop a successful study guide for clients and samples that could be used as guidelines for courses or work assignments, thus allowing the client to have a visual sample of their requirement.


6 Projects Completed

In the garden industry, Kasey developed garden growth posts that were requested by clients for publication for several blogs and websites to meet the requests of the clients' readers.


340 Projects Completed

Kasey has written a variety of articles on topics that vary from self-help and coaching to finance industries. Kasey understands the article format. With the longer format, Kasey's articles are drafted completely with tradition intro, body, and conclusion format, as well as an objective view. If you are looking to have an article drafted on any topic, Kasey can deliver beyond your expectation.

Blog Post

219 Projects Completed

Kasey's work within publishing blog post content type has encompassed a variety of content from studies centered around the workforce and daily operations. The focus of these posts were from the focus of women in the workforce and the daily interactions with other professionals that differ based on culture, gender, body type, and race.


59 Projects Completed

Kasey has written catalog descriptions for a variety of products and services to be published on websites and catalogs. She makes a point to highlight the selling features of these products and promote how they will positively impact the customer.

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