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Julia P
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Julia has been writing for most of her adult life. She has written professionally as a technical writer for manufacturing company. Julia created and maintained a multitude of postings on her own blog for health, nutrition and mental wellness. She creatively engages her reader to feel empowered and to come back and read more. Julia has a unique approach to fitness and nutrition that makes the reader feel positive about starting or maintaining a fitness and nutrition plan.

Julia’s past work experience has been in retail and merchandising, marketing, engineering and government. Julia has extensive experience using Surfer SEO. She is skilled at crafting writing that highlights proper and effective SEO usage.

Julia has written poetry and short stories for over 25 years. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in communications with a concentration in web and graphic design.

Julia’s goal is to continue to write meaningful and insightful content that maintains the highest quality all the while keeping her readers engaged.
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