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For over a decade, Cynthia has produced concise content both as a freelancer and a professional in the office. From car models to legal consultation to breweries, the data reflects that her words will keep potential clients reading and ready to make appointments or orders. Specializing in SEO optimization has given her the skills needed to bring her clients' sites and pages to the top of web results.

At the start of her career, she was the project manager for a publishing company. This involved creating content, managing a team of writers, editing and compiling and formatting each publication, and keeping up excellent communication and customer relations. Afterward, she worked for a prestigious company that provides web content for many clients, and researched countless products and brand names for unique SEO content. She has also been a newspaper editor, journalist, blogger, and ghostwriter.

Her own personal favorite subjects include economic and current events analysis, anything involving childcare and raising children, and spirituality and religion. Writing about these things has earned her awards for public speaking, and her articles have been featured on various think-tank sites including the Huffington Post. As a former journalist and newspaper editor, she writes excellent and gripping articles, and she's not afraid to ask challenging questions.

If you run a business and need posts that meet the competition of a click-bait world, contact her. She'll give you what you need. If you need product descriptions or data analysis research, she can be a valuable asset to your project.
Web Page
Real Estate
Blog Post
Product Description


 Team-pleasing project management
 Social Media Marketing
 Wordpress and Wix Web Design
 Branding and Rebranding
 Search Engine Optimization
 Superb English grammar and communication
 Professional editor, writer, designer, content developer
 Studious researcher
 Sets and achieves short-term and long-term goals
 Highly organized and great at multi-tasking
 Timely and communicative
 Proficient with Microsoft Office
 Fluent with Adobe Creative Suite
 Committed to accuracy in data and reporting
 Works well with a budget


Writing, psychology, spirituality, science, business and economics, world religion, humanitarian and environmental recovery efforts, music, trauma recovery


University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

Was a full-time student for five semesters, and was a part of campus staff for the school newspaper as an editor. Participated in various groups and social justice activities, including a debate club, hosting a radio station, and multiple free expression clubs.

Real Estate

5 Projects Completed

Created compelling web content for multiple clients, and currently works as a virtual assistant for a real estate agent in San Francisco.


5 Projects Completed

Over ten years of experience with marketing, particularly web-based and social media marketing. The client in the sample was a large advertising agency that served several counties, and this content directly boosted the company's Google keyword rankings.


1 Projects Completed

Client for this project was a law firm consultant, and the assignment included several pages of website content.

Product Description

500 Projects Completed

Worked for several years in editing and producing product and service descriptions. This is a description of Sashimi knives for a recent client.

Blog Post

50 Projects Completed

This sample is from a house cleaning service that needed new blog post content.

Web Page

10 Projects Completed

Understanding of call-to-action links, keywords and SEO, including images and editing metadata, descriptions of products and services.


5 Projects Completed

SEO, CTAs, keywords, syntax, industry research, knowledgeable and helpful tone, marketing content writing

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