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Andrea has been writing professionally for 10+ years.

Most recently, she's worked as the senior creative strategist at a digital marketing agency, where she was in charge of developing and executing client content strategy to meet specific marketing and SEO goals. This centered heavily on authoritative long-form content and effective email outreach. Previously, she worked in a similar role for another agency. In both roles, her campaigns met monthly goals and set clients up for long-term wins on these results; Andrea also managed client communication and reporting. Additionally, she had to prepare training materials and remotely manage over twenty different contractors.

Before her marketing work, Andrea worked heavily in clinical trials. Between managing patient recruitment and handling protocols, written and verbal communication was critical to her work - whether communicating among subject matter experts (including neurosurgeons or institutional review boards) or the general public.

Bridging the gap between these two jobs was Andrea's work for a retail consulting firm, where she wrote out mystery shopping data collection projects and guidelines, and managed over 80 researchers worldwide.

Andrea has won several local awards for her personal writing, which speaks to her range in addressing any audience to whatever level is appropriate for the task.
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Andrea is a highly versatile writer who focuses upfront on knowing your audience as well as your objectives, then tailors every word to fit in to your needs.

Though capable and experienced in writing across all verticals, Andrea is well-versed in medical, scientific, and technical writing. Her undergraduate focused heavily on a rigorous scientific curriculum, which she often had to discuss with people from all backgrounds, ranging from neurosurgeons through high school students.

Resulting from her experience working in digital marketing and link building agencies, Andrea is also well-versed in web content writing, linkbait writing, blog posts, and email copy.


Andrea wants to experience as much of this world as humanly possible. She loves to eat - whether it's cooking at home or trying interesting restaurants, losing her taste buds would be a huge personal tragedy. Travel ranks high on her list of things to do, though it gets expensive quickly. Movies, books, art, nature - you name it, if there's a story to tell then she wants a piece of it.


Duke University

Aspiring to a career in medicine, Andrea earned her degree in biology but remained heavily dedicated to the humanities - almost pursuing double majors in English and Latin - as well as service. She worked almost full-time hours in a lab dedicated to translational medicine, where she did everything from molecular biology assay design through patient recruitment.

Andrea volunteered in the emergency department, pediatric bone marrow transplantation unit, and even a local rehab facility, but her deepest experience was with Camp Kesem, an entirely student-run camp for the kids of cancer patients. Here she served as a camper care coordinator, reaching out to local families that would benefit from this camp and easing them through the application and on-boarding process. She served as a counselor to girls aged 8-9. She also was a part of the National Student Advisory Board, and was elected as one of two student representatives to the Board of Directors in 2009.

University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Andrea sought additional coursework to branch out into computer science. She was invited to join the CS honor society, Upsilon Pi Epsilon.

She also supported her lifetime love of linguistics and systems by conducting a research project into the use of color language in Latin medical texts.

North Carolina State University

Andrea has been pursuing further studies in physiology while considering how to engage, long-term, in optimizing healthcare in the most constructive way. Her focuses are immunology, protein functional, and environmental hazards.


104 Projects Completed

Andrea worked in scientific research labs at two major medical centers for over 6 years, in both basic and translational research. She has written about her work in all capacities: research presentations, formal scientific writing, clinical protocols, and even grant applications.


46 Projects Completed

Andrea has written blog posts and longform content on health-related topics for the entire time that she has been writing.


30 Projects Completed

Having led content strategy teams for two different digital marketing and link building agencies, Andrea has experience writing both authoritative content worthy of earning links as well as the email outreach that gets it done. She also has written content on the topic of marketing, both in article form and for webinars.

Blog Post

347 Projects Completed

Andrea has been writing blog posts across all verticals as part of her work in digital marketing for over 8 years.


87 Projects Completed

In parallel to her work writing blog posts, Andrea has been writing articles across all verticals. The goals of these articles have varied but include both journalistic and authoritative styles.

Email Copy

2 Projects Completed

Andrea has written hundreds of email templates for everything from one-on-one communication through mass email outreach. Though the style below follows a more traditional sales copy style, Andrea's email templates earned high conversion rates - both in terms of opens and click-throughs - and outperformed those of her peers.

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