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With a heavy digital marketing background in social intelligence, analytics, and e-commerce, Rikin has been practicing digital marketing for the last seven years and has worked with several Fortune 500 companies as well as smaller independent brands including mGage, Tommy Hilfiger, Only Atoms, and Hallmark Channel. For these companies, he has worked to develop blog posts, whitepapers, and product one sheeters.

Rikin is passionate about all aspects of digital marketing and is excited to share his thoughts with engaged audiences all over the world. Additionally, he has been selected as a Preferred Writer Elite at several consultancies and has been instrumental in developing a new blog post series for readers looking to start their own online campaigns.

In addition to creating content surrounding marketing and digital transformation, he has helped companies grow their audiences via blog and article posting in a variety of industries including real estate, online education, insurance, automotive, travel and leisure, healthcare, nutrition, sports, law, and fashion. Rikin S. is a U.S.-based writer with 10+ years of writing experience.

Here are a few things Rikin's clients have said about his work as a freelance writer:

"Nice article, and perfect delivery! Thank you!"

"Awesome work!!! I love it, thank you and hope to use again."

"This is among the best content I've received."
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Rikin's specialties include blog post and article writing for a variety of industries and is very familiar with SEO and has the tools to generate blog posts titles that can generate traffic for your website. Additionally, he has developed a reputation for meeting deadlines and creating quality research-backed content. He enjoys the collaborative process of content creation and enjoys working and communicating with editors.


Rikin's other interests include screenwriting and filmmaking. He recently completed a short film involving cross country running and is currently helping other filmmakers market their own films online through a variety of sources including email campaigns and blog posts to help boost their SEO and site traffic. He is also working with Get Behind The Rabbit Productions to develop a podcast as well as monthly film criticism for independent filmmakers in the New York City area.

He is also an avid tennis player and you can see him on the courts playing a few during the weekend.


University of Georgia

In addition to studying Biology at the University of Georgia, Rikin took on marketing internships and participated in various filmmaking and theatre groups to create visual and literary content from stage productions to student films. He participated in the tennis advocacy group Aces for Athens that sought to bring the joy of tennis to inner-city youth in the Clarke County area. As a board member at Aces, he helped to develop digital marketing and recruitment programs that are still being used at the club today.


107 Projects Completed

Rikin has worked on articles pertaining to reputation management and other fields that are not typically marketed popularly.


101 Projects Completed

Rikin has worked on website and blog content for several automotive dealerships to boost website traffic as well as customer foot traffic.


74 Projects Completed

Mac has written various blog posts for a number of marketing consultancies. Posts have come in the form of guides explaining topics like metric and KPI measurement and social media strategy.


73 Projects Completed

Rikin has produced several blog posts for marketing agencies and independent healthcare clients in order to increase their web SEO.


40 Projects Completed

Rikin has knowledge of and has created content for a variety of legal websites and clients including those that deal with DUI, Religious Abuse, and Workplace Injury issues.


32 Projects Completed

Rikin has written several articles for digital marketing agencies that contract with external insurance vendors to generate content for prospective clients.


29 Projects Completed

Rikin developed a blog post series for a healthcare marketing consultancy aiming to target medical professionals with private practices. The goal for these individuals was to showcase their practices online to gain more exposure and reach more patients.


24 Projects Completed

Rikin has extensive knowledge of software and technology-related products and has helped tech-based startups develop the content for their websites in order to drive up traffic to the site.


20 Projects Completed

From tennis and basketball to hunting and badminton, Rikin is a sportsman at his core. Being from Georgia, he hunted, fished, played golf, and tennis from a young age and is particularly excited to help sporting clients develop their content.

Real Estate

17 Projects Completed

Rikin has experience in working in real estate in both Atlanta and New York markets and has helped clients generate content for their websites to describe their offerings.


17 Projects Completed

Rikin has written several articles for RV/campervan companies. Most of the articles described locations one could go with a campervan, where rental sites could be found and reviews of the host sites.


17 Projects Completed

Rikin has worked with companies to develop content around best practices to implement in the factory for both the product as well as the employee.


15 Projects Completed

Rikin has worked with a variety of different entrepreneurs to help develop their content. He enjoys working with smaller as well as larger brands to push out the content that is necessary for generating greater website traffic.

Home Living

12 Projects Completed

Rikin has worked with home living companies to create content to fill out their website blog posting needs and enjoys the idea of quality comfort living.


11 Projects Completed

Rikin's background in Biology has given him the expertise to carefully craft quality content that leads to increased web traffic for science and tech blogs. If you are in need of this kind of content, turn to Rikin as he can help you deliver this kind of content at a very high level.


8 Projects Completed

Sometimes you've got to take the projects that are just too interesting to give up. Rikin enjoys working on these because it gives him the chance to take a break from his typical project workload and work on something that is a bit lighter material.


8 Projects Completed

Rikin has worked on a first-hand basis with construction companies in order to create content that leads to greater traffic across website and social media platforms.


6 Projects Completed

Rikin has developed content for children's novel summaries to help companies within the industry develop and expand their web presence.


6 Projects Completed

Rikin enjoys creating content for travel and hospitality companies that can showcase potential vacation spots to clients that are looking to take a break from the mundane and explore a new environment.


6 Projects Completed

Rikin has worked with a variety of companies in the construction as well as interior remodeling space.


6 Projects Completed

Thanks to his background in software and telecommunications at mGage, Rikin has the knowledge to create content around different kinds of B2B software and their practical usage.


5 Projects Completed

Rikin has completed content for hobbyists including those involved with the comic book industry that are looking to price their valuables.


3 Projects Completed

Rikin understands the rigors that are required as a recruitment officer and why communicating these ideas are so important. He has experience generating blog posts that showcase these pain points and how they might be fixed.


2 Projects Completed

Rikin helped to ideate, develop and produce the contents of a novel that dealt with the concepts of science and spirituality and how the two worlds interact and intersect.


1 Projects Completed

Rikin has worked with clients in developing content to help website traffic to their online schools.

Blog Post

263 Projects Completed

Rikin has written several blog posts for companies across various industries including marketing, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, online gaming, and fitness amongst many others. He is a skilled researcher and has a skill for converting raw information into digestible content.


116 Projects Completed

Rikin has written several articles for clients in order to help round out their web presence while adding to their authority as an expert in the field.

Web Page

59 Projects Completed

Websites need webpages to be created in such a way today as to increase the chances that they will be able to rank on Google's search engine and lead to greater sales for the website. Rikin has successfully launched several web pages for several clients and enjoys doing it as it is one of his "bread and butter" content development tools.

Twitter Post

31 Projects Completed

Rikin has created Twitter postings for several small and independent brands in order to get the word out to generate greater website traffic. He has the skill to take large ideas and concepts and compress them into the word count parameters required by the social media platform.

Facebook Post

9 Projects Completed

Rikin wrote Facebook posts as part of the campaign development for an e-commerce apparel company. The purpose of the campaign was to increase brand awareness.

Product Description

8 Projects Completed

Rikin understands how the marketing of products can make a big difference in sales numbers and enjoys using his knowledge of this to help the client generate greater sales.


6 Projects Completed

Rikin understands the importance that product catalogs and brochure's play in generating both web traffic as well as selling the products themselves.

Email Copy

5 Projects Completed

Rikin has worked on email copy that further pushes customers down the marketing funnel as well as copy that keeps the company at top of mind. Clients have included e-commerce companies as well as digital marketing consultancies.


2 Projects Completed

Rikin began his writing career by writing novels at a young age. Now he is ecstatic to help others realize their book-writing dreams.

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