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Sarah has been writing for many years, although she has only recently started trying to use her talents to make a living. She specializes in television and game reviews with an emphasis on critical theory. She has also been known to dabble in blog posts and product reviews.
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Sarah has written episode and series reviews of various television and anime shows. These series are ongoing and update weekly with every new episode that airs. The reviews focus mainly on the character development and themes of the shows in question, while occasionally examining the greater societal issues they may be alluding to.

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Using customer reviews and product descriptions, I compiled lists of the top ten best shoes in a variety of categories. After compiling my list, I wrote short reviews for each shoe. These reviews ranged from 400-700 words each.

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Sarah writes short essays on her own time. Usually, she focuses on literary analysis or dives into authors who helped shape their genres. Other topics include short opinion pieces, common pitfalls for new or inexperienced writers in the horror genre, and descriptions of more obscure genres or topics people might not know about.

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