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Nick has been writing professionally since 2015, when he was hired to create and edit educational articles about vocabulary and language for the website Wineverygame.com. At this time, Nick was earning his undergraduate degree in physics and conducting research in cosmology at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia. By the time he finished his bachelor’s degree, Nick had been promoted to Senior Writer and Editor at Wineverygame.com and had published an original paper, “Size of the Observable Universe,” in the journal Advances in Astrophysics. He had also gained experience developing and delivering science lessons while working for his school as a tutor and refined his composition skills while pursuing a humanities minor.

After graduating at the top of his class, Nick stayed at the University of the Sciences to pursue a master of science in biomedical writing. Through his graduate coursework, Nick studied principles of scientific and medical communication while writing for a variety of purposes and audiences. His assignments involved writing regulatory documents, product labels, advertising materials, press releases, and training modules. He also further developed his ability to analyze raw research results and use them to develop manuscripts and conference presentations.

Since completing his graduate studies, Nick has explored a variety of science writing opportunities. He has written several blog posts about science and medicine intended for general audiences. He has also worked with LearningExpress, LLC as an assessment writer, developing mechanical comprehension questions based on introductory physics concepts for practice exams. Nick continues to contribute educational articles to Wineverygame.com.
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Nick specializes in writing about science and medicine for general and professional audiences. He adeptly conveys complex technical information and scientific concepts through engaging, easily understandable articles, blog posts, lay summaries, and educational materials. Nick is also especially proficient at interpreting raw research data and preparing academic manuscripts.

Nick is comfortable writing about all kinds of scientific and medical topics, but he is particularly conversant in physics (including astrophysics and cosmology), health and fitness, marine sciences, and biology (including evolutionary biology). Additionally, his work with Wineverygame.com has helped him develop expertise in researching and writing about English vocabulary. Nick can easily adapt to any in-house style, and he has experience following AIP, AMA, AP, APA, Chicago, and MLA guidelines.


Nick goes to great lengths to ensure he always has something to read, and he delights in talking about what he’s just read to anyone who will listen. He is passionate about fiction (Kurt Vonnegut, Haruki Murakami, and Edith Wharton are some of his favorite authors), but he also enjoys reading about cosmology, marine ecology, and linguistics. Nick is also an avid long-distance runner who enjoys listening to podcasts and watching sports.


University of the Sciences

With a 3.98 GPA, Nick graduated from the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia as his class's valedictorian. His courses included Quantum Mechanics, Cosmology, Astrophysics, Modern Physics, Fluid Mechanics, Optics and Wave Phenomena, Thermodynamics, Electricity and Magnetism, Modern English Grammar, and Creative Writing. While completing his degree, Nick conducted original research related to the size of the observable universe. In 2016, Nick wrote a paper about his findings, titled "Size of the Observable Universe," which he published in the journal Advances in Astrophysics.

University of the Sciences

Nick graduated from the University of the Sciences' biomedical writing program with a 4.00 GPA. His courses included Professional Writing in Science, Stylistics and Editing, Biostatistics, Ethics and Legal Issues in Biomedical Writing, Promotion of Biomedical Products, Regulatory Document Processes, Nonregulatory Document Processes, and Information Strategies for Biomedical Writers. As part of his coursework, Nick also completed an original capstone research project. Nick studied the ways open access preprint research repositories impact responses to public health emergencies by surveying authors whose work had been published in one of those repositories.


250 Projects Completed

Nick has been writing high-quality lexicographical content since 2015, when he was hired to create and edit articles about vocabulary and language for the website Wineverygame.com. Nick continues to contribute to Wineverygame.com today, serving as a Senior Writer and Editor. The articles he writes for this site typically each explain how a single English word is defined and used. These explanations are supplemented with etymologies, examples from literature, and mnemonic devices, making each article a comprehensive, standalone resource for its particular word. Nick extensively researches each word he writes about to ensure that his articles are accurate and informative. He has also written posts that tie several words together around a specific theme for the website’s blog, Foreword. Other duties Nick performs for Wineverygame.com include sourcing images for articles, writing Facebook and Twitter posts, and creating guidance documents as needed (for example, Nick once created an introductory guide for new writers that described Winevergame.com’s in-house style).


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Nick honed his ability to write about medicine while earning his master of science in biomedical writing, which he finished in January 2018. Through his coursework, Nick wrote, researched, and presented about a variety of topics in health and medicine, though he often chose to focus on asthma, posttraumatic stress disorder, and public health. He gained experience writing about complex medical topics for both professional and general audiences while creating materials such as lay summaries, clinical study reports, and training modules. In particular, many of Nick’s graduate assignments involved using clinical study data to develop manuscripts for submission to journals and presentation materials such as posters for use at conferences.

Nick’s final graduate project was an original study of the ways open access preprint research repositories impact responses to public health emergencies. His work assessed these impacts from the perspectives of authors whose manuscripts were published in one such repository (the Bulletin of the World Health Organization’s Zika Open collection). To collect his data, Nick created a questionnaire consisting primarily of Likert items and sent it to the relevant authors. He analyzed and discussed his results in a formal research paper and a presentation delivered to his peers and professors.


240 Projects Completed

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As part of his duties as a Senior Writer and Editor for the vocabulary website Wineverygame.com, Nick often writes and edits posts for the site’s blog, Foreword. These posts are designed to tie together the meanings of several words around a specific theme in a tone that is simultaneously educational and somewhat playful. The posts are typically between 1,500 and 2,500 words long and frequently coincide with holidays.

Nick has also written blog posts about science and medicine and published them on the site Medium.

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