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Allen I
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After completing a full-length novel in High School as a personal project, Allen knew that he had to focus on becoming a writer. Attending the University of California at Riverside, where he specialized in Writing for the Stage, Allen rose to become the Artistic Director of the Golden Mean Players and their 120-seat theater, where he helped other young writers plot their work for the first time. Alongside this, he became enamored with Film. After completing his Bachelors and Masters consecutively, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a screenwriter. In his off-hours, he wrote continuously, completing a library of scripts for television and features and recently focused one story into his second full-length novel.


Writing for Screen, Television & Stage, as well as Prose Fiction.


Science Fiction, Space Travel, Rocketry, Military, Firearms, Politics, Comedy, Social Satire, Fantasy, Action, Video games,


University of California, Riverside

Studied the theory of drama and performance, along with practical applications to modern theater, with a special focus on Scripting.

University of California, Riverside

Graduate level study in character, story, theme and film architecture, with a workshop focus and public critique of projects.


11 Projects Completed

Wrote summaries of submissions, analyzing for story and commenting on their quality for ease of consumption by executives. Compressing long material down to a single page without loss of clarity or comprehension.


1 Projects Completed

Wrote and directed brief scenarios used for engineering test. Cameras would observe from a distance, and performers would act out the prescribed situations, to see if a computer could identify threats from visual data alone.

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