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Brianna recently graduated from Vanderbilt University with a degree in Public Policy and a concentration in International Conflict. After years of working for her Senator, Brianna decided to pursue a JD. This fall, she will begin her journey at law school and plans to continue writing during her free time. Her writing style is flexible. Although most of her writing experience includes formal pieces in a professional setting, she also cultivates a robust personal social media presence.


Brianna's specialties include politics, current events, activism, social justice, and international news.


Brianna's interests go far beyond politics-- she loves fitness, makeup, fashion, personal finance, self-help, and more. She currently lives in South Florida with her family.


Vanderbilt University

Brianna's education consisted of an interdisciplinary approach to studying public policy in the United States and abroad. She has studied sociology, economics, political science, and focused her studies largely on war and human rights. Her education included major writing and research projects, allowing her to finetune her capacity to write in different settings for varying audiences.


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Some topics Brianna has written about include SCOTUS, the President, the Affordable Care Act, gun control legislation, and the Dakota Access Pipeline. During her time with the Senator's office, she drafted policy recommendations regarding the VA, environment, abortion, and food waste.


0 Projects Completed

Brianna has written several grants and proposals both in and out of the classroom. Her policy recommendations were written meticulously and presented to policy teams in Senate offices as well as professors in the top of the political science field.

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